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Episode 1: Lighter and the Princess

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Zhu Yun is having a dream about her life as a college student, but then all of the people disappear into thin air. She then finds herself dreaming about when she and Li Xun were standing on opposite sides of a fence (probably during a breakup). When she wakes up, she’s on an airplane with Tian Xiu Zhu, flying back home after studying abroad.

Meanwhile, Li Xun is let out of jail after a long time. He goes to find one of his friends, Fang Zhi Jun, and wants on taking back the L&P Network Company, a company that he (and Zhu Yun) played a large role in creating. 

Zhu Yun goes to one of her friends, Ren Di,’s house and they drink wine, sing, etc. The entire time, she kept on thinking about Li Xun. After she leaves, Li Xun arrives at Ren Di’s door and sees Zhu Yun walk away from the house. He’d come to Ren Di’s house to ask her for money. She told him that Zhu Yun and Tian Xiu Zhu came back together (from abroad) and that the two of them probably come back to get married (hoping to make Li Xun jealous probably).

Ren Di then somehow gets Zhu Yun to give a check to someone, so Zhu Yun goes to the coffee shop and waits there for the other person. The check is actually the money that Li Xun had asked for, so he is also outside of the coffee shop. Li Xun sees Zhu Yun and flashbacks to when she had asked him what makes someone a princess. Then, he’s about to go inside the coffee shop but sees that Tian Xiu Zhu had arrived and sat in front of her at their table (awkward…), so he (gets jealous and) starts walking away.

Zhu Yun gets up to go to the bathroom but then she notices Li Xun walking away. She chases after him, Xiu Zhu following her, and although she didn’t catch him, she met Fang Zhi Jun (his friend) along the way. He snatches the check from them and runs away. However, Zhu Yun caught up to him and cornered him, threatening Zhi Jun to tell her where Li Xun is. And… he’s right behind her.

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