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Falling Into Your Smile – Episode Recaps & Review

Reading Time: 36 minutes
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Status: done airing

Male Lead: Xu Kai as Lu Si Cheng

Female Lead: Cheng Xiao as Tong Yao

Chinese Name:  你微笑时很美

Recaped: ALL episodes

Rating: 4/5

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Table of Contents

Episode Recaps

Episode 1: Starts with TongYao being at a club, and she was invited to play a video game. In this first clip, she shows that she is already incredible at playing video games. Because of this match, ZGDX asked TongYao to play on their team. ZGDX is one of the top teams in the esports industry.

So, TongYao flies to Shanghai to view the tournament between ZGDX and CK. She arrives at the hotel before the other team members. When the ZGDX bus arrived, there was a whole mob of media. (the scene when LuSiCheng got out of the bus was epic)

TongYao goes to the supermarket, and there is only 1 big bottle of water left on the shelf, so she hides it on the top rack. But coincidentally, LuSiCheng sees her and takes the water out when she leaves.

With all of the groceries, TongYao goes to the elevator, and LuSiCheng also goes in. She’s struggling to reach the button (because she has a lot of groceries), so LuSiCheng asked what floor she was on and pressed the button for her. (cute, and they were super close when he pressed the button)

They go to the tournament, and JianYang (TongYao’s ex-boyfriend) is on the opposing team. (When they introduced the players, the fact that everybody was crossing their arms that way was so weird… can’t they all have different poses??!).

JianYang sees TongYao in the audience, gets distracted, and his team loses the first game badly. After that game, he went to see Tongyao, but TongYao told him that they already broke up and have no relationship with each other. CK wins the second and third game, so they win the entire tournament. (With such an annoying 2nd male lead, that shows up in the first episode, no less, it’s going to be hard to watch this entire thing)

Episode 2: TongYao is moving into the ZGDX headquarters. TongYao rang the doorbell and LuSICheng opened the door. He thought that TongYao was the delivery person, so he took her KFC. TongYao sent a weibo, and realized his mistake, so he brought her inside. The first thing he said was to tell her to delete her weibo.

TongYao: Oh, this is my cat, he’s called Biscuit (the name’s actually more like flat loaf, but Biscuit sounds better)

LuSiCheng: so?

TongYao: Can I call you Cheng ge?

LuSICheng: You cat’s called biscuit. How does that have anything to do with my name?

TongYao: That’s 2 questions

LuSiCheng: Keep an eye on your furry little animal

TongYao: there’s nobody allergic to cat hair

LuSiCheng: there is

TongYao: who?

LuSiCheng: my sons (points to his fish tank)

Chubby: That’s not called allergic, that’s called a food chain

LuSiCheng: What if her cat eats my sons?

Chubby: then buy more, it’s not like you don’t have money

Her room is also super pink, because Chubby thought that she would like it.

The boys forget that there is now a girl in their headquarters, so Chubby came down with his superman underwear. Lusicheng comes down in a bathrobe, opens the fridge, drinks water, realizes TongYao is here, and then hurriedly scurries upstairs to change (the whole time everybody else was staring at him) timestamp: 22 minutes.

LuSiCheng: later, arrange somebody to take TongYao to the supermarket

Rui: then, how about, later, you take her to the supermarket?

LuSiCheng: I remember saying to assign someone

Rui: yeah, I assigned you

LuSiCheng: I’m busy

Chubby: busy losing points?

Lusicheng realises that when she was the person who hid the water at the supermarket and the one who couldn’t reach the elevator buttons. LuSiCheng’s fans start fangirling, and they first think that TongYao is his girlfriend, but LuSiCheng tells them that he wouldn’t get a girlfriend who is the same height as his (nonexistent) daughter. They also say that she’s really pretty, but LuSiCheng corrects them and says that she looks very childlike. 

Episode 3: After a match, it shows that Tongyao is good at playing solo games, but isn’t good at playing in a group. Tongyao starts training for her mid-solo position in the team

LuSiCheng and jianYang both joined TongYao’s practice game. Chubby tells TongYao that if she tells LuSiCheng that she’s one game away from being on the next rank, then LuSiCheng won’t kill her. But it doesn’t work.

TongYao also tells LuSiCheng that her cat is going to eat his son. LuSiCheng gave Tongyao a call, telling her that he will come back the next day and to keep an eye on her cat.

Because that practice game from earlier (the one that both JianYang and LuSiCheng joined), now there is a rumor that JianYang, LuSiCheng, and Tongyao are in a love triangle.

JianYang wants to get back into a relationship with TongYao (what is wrong with him??? That’s honestly disgusting).

There are also rumors that TongYao and LuSiCheng held hands when shopping. TongYao is like: what are they talking about? I haven’t even touched your hands before. LuSiCheng’s like: grabs her hand: now you have

Episode 4: Tongyao gets her first training match on the ZGDX team, and they win.

Tongyao gets cocky, while listening to other people complimenting her, so LuSiCheng told her to stop (I think he’s getting a little bit jealous). Since LuSiCheng doesn’t want her to get compliments from other people, TongYao told him to give her a compliment. He just said something like good job. Tongyao then asked for a reward, so LuSiCheng got a permanent marker and drew a flower on her hand (quite cute if I say so myself)

The next dialogues happen during a live broadcast.

*asked about JianYang and TongYao’s relationship

Tongyao: young people fall in love easily and also break up fast, isn’t that normal?

*asked about where JianYang is

Tongyao: at the CK base, in ShenZhen, and he is also on my blacklist (lol, burnnnnn)

*asked about if she carried the game in the training math

Tongyao: talks about how/why they won (but in a more bragging tone

Tongyao: Cheng ge (LuSiCheng) had this wonderful idea to steal somebodies snake. But tbh, they shouldn’t do such sneaky things. After all, everything is visible in the bright sunshine

LuSiCheng stares at her as if she was crazy and he wanted to slaughter her

LuSiCheng: takes her headset off: who stole the snake again? Do you dare to say it again?

*but he didn’t turn off the microphone, so everybody heard him, and the live stream audience seems to think they have something going on

TongYao: We did not do that! We’re just teammates, okay? We did not go shopping hand in hand. The only time LuSiCheng and I showed up on the same street was when I first joined the team, and she didn’t know the path, so he accompanied her to go supermarket shopping.

LuSiCheng: And my taste in girls is not that bad

TongYao: yeah, and his taste is not… (realizes what he said, stares at him with a murderous expression)

TongYao: Don’t worry, if we are in a relationship, we’ll tell you.

*asked will you give us wedding candies then?

TongYao: yes, yes, yes, don’t worry, we will

*Someone in the audience: Shameless

TongYao: What the hell is “shameless”? Room Admin, go to work! If you don’t ban this person’s speech, what are you waiting for?

LuSICheng: Waiting to eat you wedding candies

TongYao: aren’t you using headphones?

LuSiCheng: I didn’t turn them on

TongYao: then what are you using headphones for?

LuSiCheng: for keeping my ears warm

TongYao: …

They go to eat AZ hotpot, to celebrate the victory. Tongyao didn’t know how expensive that place is, so she said that she will pay for it (the price signs are cute)

While the others are eating the hotpot, K is having his own party at home, drinking beer, playing music, and dancing (his dancing is hilariously cute). Meanwhile, TongYao’s parents arrive at the ZGDX headquarters, and walk into the sight of K dancing (haha lol, I’m getting second-hand embarrassment for him)

Once TongYao and the other members come back, her mom is busy scolding Tongyao, while her dad is just really curious about their computers. (I think LuSiCheng already started to like TongYao, so he’s acting extra nice around her parents)

It’s so cute that LuSiCheng refers to her as “the shorty”

Episode 5: The other members are trying to be very hospitable to TongYao’s parents, and they were all like: Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Tong whenever they see them (lol). Before, TongYao’s mom didn’t like Chessman (aka LuSiCheng’s username), but now she likes him a lot.

Jianyang sent TongYao gifts, and she was super mad, telling the mailman to never accept any more packages with his name. (I bet LuSiCheng is secretly really happy when she said that)

They now have a new schedule and have to wake up at 9, and have to do a physical warm-up while they are still half asleep. Cat was like: we’re going to take a slow job first, and then he just starts sprinting.

“a slow jog”… yeah right. The other members are just like… how about we don’t run

TongYao: ahhh it’s so hot, I’m going to get sunburned

LuSiCheng: you’re so short, the sunlight can’t even hit you

Rui and LuSiCheng and audiences are putting a lot of pressure on tongyao to broadcast live. She first invites her friend (JinYang) to do her makeup (because you obviously need to look pretty, duh). Btw, I’m pretty sure Cat has a crush on JinYang

While TongYao was broadcasting, LuSiCheng was purposely reading all of the comments relating to how she looked tiny and not of age. LuSiCheng angered TongYao so much that she “quit the live broadcast to eat yogurt to ease her anger”

TAT(another group) wants to have a training session with ZGDX, but LuSiCheng was against it, but the club is still forced to do it. ZGDX loses the training session, and TongYao is super disappointed in herself.

Episode 6: Lusicheng gets really sad because TongYao is so disappointed since she lost so badly, and he goes downstairs to take care of her. Tongyao starts crying.

Now the news/media’s opinions about TongYao are very mixed, some people hate her and some people are still on her side. Lusicheng is now standing up for her, on Weibo, because TongYao is busy crying in her room. (Lusicheng is worrying for her awwwwwww)

Tongyao goes to drink with her friend, JinYang, to relieve her sadness. Aijia also comes. (Awww it seems like AiJia really wants to make up with his wifey)

Ughhh Jianyang is also here to bother TongYao, he wants them to get back in a relationship again. (I freaking hate him). Tongyao gets really drunk and LuSiCheng needs to go get her. Tongyao tells Jianyang that he doesn’t understand what she feels like. Then, LuSiCheng comes.

JinYang (TongYao’s friend): somebody’s here to pick you up

TongYao: Why do I see our team captain? He’s staring at me so fiercely as if he wants to throw me into the ocean

JinYang: then I’ll sail and scoop your corpse out of the ocean

Lusicheng was going to bring Tongyao back to the ZGDX headquarters, but JianYang also grabbed her hand and said that he will bring her back. 

LuSiCheng: I’m her team captain, I have the responsibility to bring her back

JianYang: I’m her ex-boyfriend (not exactly the best reason, just saying)

LuSiCheng, Ex-boyfriend, which means you are from the past

Lusicheng piggybacks her back (awwww cute, but you know, he could have just called a taxi instead of putting himself through that torture). Lol Tongyao was pretending to be drunk, she was actually sober, (at least that’s what she thought) and went back to ZGDX headquarters.

She saw a person sitting in her seat, but thought that he was a monster, so she ran and hugged LuSiCheng (again, I don’t see the logic behind this either). Apparently, the “monster” was this person that came to the ZGDX headquarters to steal TongYao’s midsolo position. They all sit down, and TongYao gets all drunk and she’s really funny when she was drunk. She starts whining like a little baby to LuSiCheng.

Rui: TongYao, how much did you drink?

TongYao: I didn’t drink alcohol. I drank iced black tea, not alcohol. (yeah right)

LuSiCheng gave TongYao a tissue to wipe her face and when she was done using it, she gave it back to LuSiCheng, saying that it was her gift to him. She also used some more napkins and gave each one to the other 3 other people who were sitting there. (LuSiCheng’s like: gosh, we really have a lunatic on my team)

Episode 7: She also sang a song to LuSiCheng (while she was drunk), trying to convince him to let her stay in a mid solo position. (the other guys are just like…) LuSiCheng and the new guy had to hold her mouth open in order to give her some medicine (so that she wouldn’t be drunk), and now, it’s the next morning, and TongYao remembers everything she did when she was drunk, and she is really embarrassed. (Oh, the new guy is LuSiCheng’s brother)

the other people are like…

She wears a mask outside because she is too embarrassed to meet anybody.

LuSiCHeng: What are you doing?

TongYao: reflecting on  my life

LuSiCheng: Reflecting on your life? Starting from when? Let me guess. From the second before you were born, or 15 hours earlier, you had your first cup of Long Island Iced Tea? I’m guessing it’s the latter.

The conversation that LuSiCheng and Tongyao had was hilarious. (you should definitely watch this part). TongYao called JinYang, because she didn’t remember what happened at the bar last night. JinYang summarized it perfectly, saying that the only thing that you should know is that LuSiCheng was the one who brought her back. 

LuYue took TongYao’s seat, and she tricked him into leaving the chair. It seams like K and Chubby both hate LuYue, so they aren’t willing to eat with him, while Cat didn’t realize, so he asked them what they were doing, and thought that they were also stealing chairs. (why does everybody seem to hate Luyue)

Luyue plays against TAT (the team that beat TongYao, and made her really sad as well as drunk), but plays on TongYao’s account, so Tai is using the same technique, but doesn’t know that somebody else is playing on TongYao’s account. LuYue wins. Ooooo backstory time, apparently LuYue was the one who caused Ming to have a hand injury.

TongYao wakes up to really bad news. Somebody released a video about LuYue injuring Ming’s hand, so now there are a lot of bad comments towards both TongYao and Luyue. Oh no, apparently, the video was released by Chubby… he really hates how LuYue can just come back, and everybody can act like nothing ever happened. They start a pretty big fight.

Tongyao realised what actually happened before. So the 2 teams (JK and ZGDX) were having a drink, but LuSiCheng wasn’t there, so LuYue drank for him… and he drank a lot a lot. I think the drink was drugged. Luyue heard the JK members speaking badly about him, so he smashed their head with a wine bottle, but Ming was also there, and when the others started beating up LuYue. Ming went to save Luyue, and he injured his hand.

Episode 8: Apparently, there is more to the story than what Chubby told her. AiJia (JinYang’s wife/boyfriend) knew the entire story, and he heard that the other team planned on injuring the ZGDX member’s hands, so that they can’t play in the nationals. Apparently, Luyue fought the JK members in order to protect the ZGDX members, because he also overheard that they planned on injuring the members.

Now that this misunderstanding is done, Luyue is now really boastful again, and wants to steal the seat from TongYao.

Cue the montage of Chubby cooking! Except the food doesn’t taste good, he also gives an extra large dish to LuYue, so he needs to suffer the most. He also gave all the meat to LuYue, so the other members didn’t get any.


Fast forward to after dinner, and (almost) all of the members are doing eye exercises. LuYue also gets his own chair and a spot at the table. JinYang takes TongYao shopping for her “battle outfit” and get a makeover. TongYao gets this cute bunny bra. LuSiCheng doesn’t approve of her makeover (awwwww that’s so sad). LuSiCheng gets close and smells her hair, (it looks like they are hugging), but Luyue takes a video of them.

LuSiCheng walks into TongYao’s room without knocking, it gets awkward for a couple of moments, then he leaves, and now JinYang thinks that TongYao and LuSiCheng are an actual couple. When he leaves, both Chubby and Cat see him and they are staring at him from shock, and it’s awkward.

TongYao officially likes LuSICheng now! She pulled a chunk of fur (from biscuit) off of his hair. The new team uniforms are here, and LuSiCheng obviously takes this chance to make fun of how childlike she looks.

Episode 9: The ZGDX members are all getting a makeover, to look *exquisite* for their tournament. Most of the boys are like “why do I need to get a makeover, can I not put on ______??”, while K is like “put Lipstick color ###, and then Lipstick color ### on top of it. This way, I’ll look more natural and *gorgeous.” They get a photoshoot, but TongYao is spending a lot of time on her makeup. And LuSiCheng walks in on TongYao changing, and it zooms into her bunny bra, (oh boy, this is awkward). He also apologizes to her later. TongYao takes a photoshoot, and LuSiCheng has to take pictures with her.

The photographer brings a chair into the shoot, and TongYao immediately stands on it, so now she’s taller than LuSiCheng, for the first time in forever. As they take photos, Chubby’s like: why do i feel like this is a wedding photoshoot?

After the photoshoot was shown to the media, a lot of people think that the only female in the professional esports industry just registered her marriage. (mainly LuSiCheng and LuYue’s mother). Their mom sent at least 5 phone calls and 10+ text messages asking when they got a girlfriend and why they are dating the same woman.

LuYue calls their mom, and told her that he and TongYao definitely weren’t together, but for his brother… (gets cut off dramatically because LuSiCheng threw a book at him). LuSiCheng apparently made an alt Weibo account, and named it after TongYao’s bra… (the bunny one), and TongYao accuses him of being a pervert. He insults her by saying, even if he was a pervert, he wouldn’t target girls like her.

TongYao has a dream that she was a carrot, and she was being chased by a white rabbit, and LuSiCheng was the rabbit.

ZGDX has a training match with YCGQ (or something), and ZGDX won. Turns out, the new player on the YCGQ team is Heirophant, and he used to play with LuSICheng, so they basically can read each other’s mind.

Episode 10: Heirophant and Chessman used to be really good buddies, and they were both really good at esports. They had a good relationship back then. LuSiCheng used to have a much more different haircut than now, and people are shipping them a lot.

But LuSiCheng starts missing his home, China, so Heirophant takes him to the arcade to get a lot of cute stuffed animals. After that, LuSiCheng tells Heirophant that he is going back to China. Heirophant felt pretty betrayed, but they will *hopefully* still remain good buddies.

Now that Heirophant is back in China, after a match, he went shopping at a mall and got lost (dang, is he stupid, no offense?) LuSiCheng needs to go get him, and TongYao, having read all of the rumors about LuSiCheng and Heirophant, asks him if he’s going to bring 1 umbrella or 2 umbrellas. (LuSiCheng also changed the wallpaper to his phone to the bunny picture, on TongYao’s bra… wow, that is pretty creepy) Luckily, Heirophant and our male lead used to be buddies, so LuSiCheng knows exactly where he is… trying to win stuffed animals. LuSiCheng sees a bunny holding a carrot stuffy, so he chooses to get it (in memory of TongYao’s bra)

Rui forces TongYao to go bring the umbrellas for LuSiCheng and heirophant. Heirophant is like: awwww TongYao and LuSiCheng are soooooooo cute together. LuSiCheng also gives his jacket to Tongyao, because it was raining and cold outside.

It’s almost the national tournament and (YAYYY JINYANG IS ONE OF THE HOSTS). JianYang sees TongYao and LuSiCheng, and he is still bothered. TongYao is going to be the starting player, and I’m so happy that Luyue isn’t going to make things difficult for her.

It’s now the national tournament, and TongYao’s parents are watching the live broadcast. ZGDX is going up against CK. ZGDX all chose players that would be useful in the first half of the game, while Ck chose players that would be more useful in the second half of the game. This means that if the competition doesn’t go by really quickly, then ZGDX will definitely lose.

Episode 11: The game starts and ZGDX wins the tournament, and at the very end, when CK and ZGDX shake hands, JianYang wouldn’t let go of TongYao’s hand… ew.

TongYao had stomach problems, and she “dirtied her pants” so she gets to go back to the base early. (never mind, it’s not stomach problems, it’s just that she got her period). She makes medicine for LuSiCheng, who has a fever, because he ain’t responsible with medicine, and somebody has to force medicine down his throat (or something like that). 

LuSiCheng is resting in his room, so TongYao goes there to deliver his medicine.

LuSiCheng: the water is too hot

TongYao: Don’t pretend. Did you know, that girls have to suffer period pains every month. That amount of pain is enough to suffer childbirth three times.

So, eat your medicine. Don’t push your luck.

LuSICheng eats his medicine.

TongYao: Oh right, you cant drink warm water on an empty stomach. I’ll order some food.

LuSiCheng: I want to die

TongYao: It’s not that I’m not allowing you to die. It’s just that this isn’t the right time for you to die.

TongYao goes to make some white porridge, but she suffered really bad cramps, so now LuSiCheng is making the porridge instead. (we all love a man who knows how to make food). TongYao asks if LuSiCheng has a girlfriend, because he knows so much about periods, and he answers by saying that when he was young, his mom would get really grumpy during her period, and order him around on those certain days. LuSiCheng tells her that if he goes into a relationship, he would want his partner to be better at playing video games than him. 

Now LuSiCheng is the one who’s taking care of TongYao. TongYao forces him to go to his room, so that she can take care of him now. Everybody goes upstairs one by one, and see that the two of them are sleeping together. (ohhhhhh maaaaaah gawwwwwd that is horrifying)

Episode 12: The two of them wakeup, (realising they slept in the same bed) and one of the members asked if he was awake. LuSiCheng told TongYao to be quiet, and then went outside to see all the members staring at him. And then he legit told everybody that TongYao was still sleeping. (it’s so awkward I had to keep my eyes half closed for this part)

The others are all shocked lol

LuSiCheng: her bed was dirty, so she came to mine. What’s all the fuss about?

Ming: Cheng ge, in this house, besides her bed and your bed, there are a lot of empty beds

LuSiCheng: oh, that was because she was afraid of making the other beds dirty too

Rui: look, Cheng ge, although it is the year 2020, you are still a man and a woman, right?

LuYue: bro, usually you’re so quiet, but whenever you do something, it’s going to be something big. This time, you managed to get a young girl in the bed.

LuSiCheng: She has already graduated from college, and can be married

 Chubby: is that the point?

Ming: that’s not the point

K: that is definitely not the point

Cat: then what’s the point?

LuYue: she’s old enough, and it’s not against the law

Rui: Cheng ge, that’s sexual harassment at work. How am I supposed to explain this to the girl’s parents? No, no, no, that wouldn’t do. Hurry up and wake her up first

LuSiCheng: how?

LuYue: starts laughing: this is so inappropriate

TongYao is embarrassed: so she hid under the blanket (not hiding very well, if you ask  me) TongYao started to explain, by saying that last night she fell asleep, and it was too cold, so she climbed onto his bed. LuSiCheng looked around at his blanket, looking for stains (from TongYao), but TongYao hurriedly stopped him. Now there is a blanket tug-a-war, and TongYao falls onto LuSiCheng. They stare into each other’s eyes, but then Chubby walks in. 

Everybody is doing their live streaming, and TongYao and LuSiCheng are just bothering each other, and now everybody’s talking about TongYao and LuSiCheng sleeping in the same bed…JianYang calls TongYao, is drunk, and asked to meet her. JianYang hugs her, and AiJia is just eating up all the gossip, and promises JinYang that he will tell her everything later. JinYang anonymously tells LuSiCheng that Tongyao and JinYang are outside, and *hugging. This causes a reaction in LuSiCheng, and he goes outside to check on TongYao. Meanwhile, TongYao is really busy turning down JianYang. 

LuSiCheng cuts into their conversation, asking for money from TongYao to buy candies. He then tells JianYang that first of all, he has no problem that the two of them are dating, second, Tongyao will be playing in the nationals, not sitting on the sidelines, and third, the championship trophy already has ZGDX engraved on it. He then walks away. JianYang is really getting on my nerves… he still wants to get together with Tongyao, but after a really long time, he agrees to be friends. They have one last hug before he leaves.

Episode 13: TongYao dreams that she is marrying LuSiCheng… ZGDX has another match, this time with King. This time, because TongYao already analyzed how the KING group usually plays, they smash the game and win. Everybody is now saying really bad things about the KING group, so TongYao comforts one of the members. After her chat, she tells LuSiCheng, on the bus, that she wants to play TAT again (remember that team that made TongYao cry and drunk??? That’s TAT).

Episode 14: They have the match, and LuSiCheng tells TongYao that it’s okay if she can’t beat Tai, then he will lead her to victory. TongYao beats Tai, and she gets all happy-crying over it.

On the bus, TongYao and LuSiCheng were fighting over her phone, and accidentally falls on LuSiCheng’s lap.

The other members were staring so hard

That night, they ate some dinner that look really really good, and the skewers make my mouth water.

LuSiCheng gets a phone call, and TongYao actually thinks that the girl is LuSiCheng’s girlfriend (yeah right, as if she doesn’t know LuSiCheng’s temper) LuSiCheng tells her that the girl is his mom.  LuSiCheng’s mom wants to get LuSiCheng on a blind date.

LuSiCheng’s mom tricks him into going on the blind date, but before it, he still shows that he cares about TongYao by getting her slippers for her.

The girl, SuLuo, who is going on the blind date for LuSiCheng falls for him at first glance. But she keeps on saying the wrong things. TongYao tells him of a really nice food place with really good food, so he goes and gets the food for her.

SuLuo: Do you like to eat this type of stuff?

LuSiCheng: no, it’s for my pet

SuLuo: What type of pet? A dog?

LuSiCheng: a rabbit (reference to TongYao’s bra)

SuLuo: a rabbit?! Can a rabbit eat this type of greasy food?

LuSiCheng: she’s a trashcan, can eat everything

LuSiCheng tells her that he doesn’t think they are suitable for each other, while TongYao is getting depressed because of the thought of LuSiCheng having a girlfriend.

Episode 15: When he comes back from the blind date, LuSiCheng gives TongYao the food he bought for her, and she’s really really happy. LuSiCheng is pretty happy that TongYao likes the food.

ZGDX has a tournament against Fanatic now. There is also a “quotes of the game” section on the big screen, and they show the section when TongYao told her teammates her stomach hurt. TongYao is really embarrassed, and doesn’t want to do the tournament. The midsolo in Fanatic is targeting TongYao and she died many times. But luckily, ZGDX wins. The midsolo in Fanatic either likes TongYao or is her really big fan. Oh god, the Fanatic midsolo is turning up everywhere, trying to help TongYao. LuSiCheng was quite pissed, so he switched seats with Chubby (who sat right next to TongYao). LuSiCheng tells the Fanatic midsolo (in korean, so that the other members wouldn’t know) that TongYao is his girl.

LuSiCheng tells the Fanatic midsolo that she’s not his girl yet, but will be his girlfriend in the future, and that he has a crush on her.

TongYao goes to Jinyang’s house, and gets Jinyang to translate what LuSiCheng said to the Fanatic midsolos.(the “she’s my girl, don’t bother her you brat”).

Ohh myyyy poor LuSiCheng… his girlfriend is going to be at the  front seat at his next tournament, as well as the Fanatic midsolo, who wants him to prove that the two of them are together. LuSiCheng is really in a sticky situation.

TongYao makes breakfast for LuSiCheng, no wait sorry, it was for Biscuit, her cat (along with a heart-shaped egg).

It’s the tournament, and the SuLuo, the one who went on a blind date with LuSiCheng brought a lot of roses with her. (I actually don’t find this girl too annoying yet, which is good). When LuSiCheng saw that the Fanatic midsolo was looking at Tongyao, he put a hand on her head.

Episode 16: Arashi and ZGDX will be fighting each other in this tournament. ZGDX obviously wins, and SuLuo gets her bunch of roses and is waiting for LuSiCheng at the exit. TongYao sees SuLuo, so she picks an eyelash off of LuSiCheng’s face, to make SuLuo jealous. LuSiCheng is pretty happy. SuLuo is absolutely heartbroken, but still thinks she has a chance with him, and gives her flowers to him.

Kun goes into the ZGDX backstage room, and gives TongYao lots of snacks.

After their break, they play the LAN team and win. As they are leaving, TongYao is about to trip, and LuSiCheng grabs her and princess-carried her.

LuSiCheng brings the other team members to buy shoes. On the way back, they also meet SuLuo, but LuSiCheng rejects her dinner offer by saying that he had no time. Thank goodness, my angel Luyue comes and scolds SuLuo for her behavior, and tells her to stop following ZGDX everywhere and that his brother won’t take her as his girlfriend.

LuSiCheng is live-streaming, and the audience is all asking about his relationship-status. He also asks TongYao to play solo with him, the loser buys supper, because he said that he wants to find a girl who can play e-sports better than him, so he wants to beat Tongyao and put all the rumors to rest. Wait nevermind, LuSiCheng lost the game (which means that TongYao can be his girlfriend, because he said that he likes girls who can play games better than him)

SuLuo calls and asks if they can meet, LuSiCheng agrees. TongYao told LuSiCheng that she doesn’t want him to go meet with SuLuo.

Episode 17: A lot of the fans think that LuSiCheng purposely lost to her, but Tongyao doesn’t think so. LuSiCheng goes out to walk, and AiJia’s team goes up to him. 

AiJia: you purposely lost to TongYao, right?

LuSiCheng: Why would I want to do that?

Heirophant: The entire world can see that you purposely lost to her

LuSICHeng: it’s not that, I just calculated the creeper wave wrong, and she took advantage of that

Heirophant: I don’t think you’ll commit that kind of mistake. Atleast, I haven’t seen it before

LuSiCheng turned SuLuo down again, and I hope it’s the last time he has to turn her down.

Meanwhile, the other members are complaining about when LuSiCheng is going to come back, so that they can go eat yummy food.

LuSiCheng and TongYao drive to get the crayfish. Even the lady at the restaurant thinks that the two of them are together. LuSiCheng smiled when she said that.

In the car, TongYao asked if LuSiCheng purposely played easy on her. She still thinks that he didn’t, LuSiCheng agrees (not), but still thinks that he is talking to a brick wall. He also said that she doesn’t have the heart of a young girl, and Tongyao gets kinda pissed, so he patted her head and told her that she did. (staring at each other while driving definitely can not be safe)

TongYao hand feeds LuSiCheng a crayfish, and the other members joke about how they look like a husband and wife.

Because LuSICheng turned down SuLuo, his mom is really really mad, so now they have to go to an anime convention (not too sure about the logic behind this…


While the members of ZGDX are doing their makeup, a lot of girls come to get signatures. There was one particularly annoying girl who came back 3 times. Now, there are a lot of comments hating TongYao.

The schedule for that day was absolutely terrible, the games were really bad. One of the members hurt their hand, and Tongyao and that annoying girl started fighting, the others were holding back the two of them.

LuSICheng took a video of the members’ hand injuries when they were doing the game. The annoying girl sent a Weibo, and pretended to be the victim.

Even LuSiCheng’s mom comes to scold TongYao. While she was talking to TongYao about her punishment, LuSICHeng comes and saves her! Save the damsel in distress! But, she still plans on giving TongYao a punishment: suspending her from a competition. 

Episode 18: LuSiCheng is still ignoring TongYao. 

WHile the other members go to eat food, TongYao is livestreaming, but doesn’t turn on her microphone. LuSiCheng ordered takeout, so that he could go back to the headquarters and make sure that TongYao isn’t that lonely. The moment TongYao heard that LuSiCheng came back, she turned her attitude from arguing against the comments to apologizing for what she did. TongYao was busy saying bad stuff about LuSiCheng, when she got a message saying that LuSiCheng was watching the live streaming!!! He heard all her bad mouthing him.

It’s now the tournament, and LuYue is playing mid-solo, instead of TongYao, because she was banned. ZGDX wins the match. After the match, LuSiCheng goes comfort TongYao (in his own way). In 7 minutes, TongYao must give him a reason as for why she should be on the team. TongYao can’t think of anything, so he prompts her. He scolds her again. After the timer ends, LuSiCheng gets up to leave, but TongYao grabs his hand and *cheesy music plays*, telling him that she wants to win all the tournaments with the team, and not drag the others down. Cheng Ge tells her that he understands that she was trying to protect her teammates, but first, she needs to learn to protect herself.

TongYao asks him if the only reason that he ignored her was because he was angry. LuSiCheng responded by saying that he was afraid, afraid that he would have a soft spot for her. (awwwww, that’s so cute though)

Episode 19 (I highly recommend tis episode, it’s absolutely hilarious): Because of the scolding, TongYao is now super duper supportive of her teammates.

Oh my, LuSiCheng is super smart. He graduated from the China University of Political Science and Law, and can sprout various lines off of the lawbook off the top of his head.

OH NO SOMETHING REALLY BAD HAS HAPPENED! Biscuit ate one of LuSiCheng’s sons! Oh no, TongYao is going to be yelled at so much! There’s this really intense moment, but all LuSICheng does is give TongYao a band-aid.

The next day, LuSICheng is sleeping on the couch, and TongYao gives him a blanket, but LuSiCheng thinks that TongYao is Biscuit, so he pets her head. Chubby comes down with his superman underwear and sees them. He immediately scrambles back upstairs. LuSiCheng wakes up, and immediately springs away. He’s so confused.

The two of them plan on going to the supermarket, so that TongYao can buy him another fish. They both dress up really well, to impress the other. This dude carrying a bunch of flower petals bumps into TongYao, but LuSiCheng saves her. (it’s a really cute scene, with the two of them staring at each other, and flower petals falling down)

They go to get fish, and TongYao thinks that the red goldfish are really pretty, but LuSiCheng only wants black ones. The dude selling fish gives him a piece of advice: just choose the red ones, there’s no point arguing with your girlfriend. They end up getting a red goldfish. The two of them hold hands.

LuSICheng first brings her to eat noodles, and then go watch the movies. (he already bought the tickets). After the movie, TongYao spots some of LuSiCheng’s fans, so she tries to escape, but Cheng ge grabs her belt and doesn’t let her. When asked, LuSICheng was about to say something, but TongYao cuts in and tells the fans that the relationship between the two of them is a teammate relationship, nothing more (poor LuSiCheng

OMG I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS DRAMA, THERE ARE EVEN BLACK WIDOW REFERENCES IN THE DRAMA ( I know that a lot of it is plagiarized, and that’s BAD, but still)

ZGDX has another match with DQ.Five (that TongYao plays, because she’s back from being suspended)

Episode 20: ZGDX won the match, but the other team kept on targeting TongYao and killing her. TongYao went to the bathroom, but XU Tai Lun was waiting right outside the door. He wouldn’t let her move, and there isn’t anybody to save her, so TongYao saves herself (go gurl!) and bites his hand.

When they get back to the base, LuSiCheng doesn’t allow her into the door because she bit somebody. He also told the others to not open the door for her. But TongYao uses food to bribe them to let her inside. But once she brings the food inside, LuSiCheng asks her what she would do if she encountered the same situation, and she says run away, call the cops, yell for help, and LuSiCheng said: Ask who to help, and wouldn’t let her sit until she responded with you.

Then we zoom into a shot ofTongYao watching LuSiCheng drink coffee, and we get a TongYao rabbit and a TongYao  carrot. The rabbit doesn’t like LuSiCheng, while our carrot is fangirling over him.

TongYao tells LuSICheng that there isn’t one decent male in the esports industry. Then, LuSiCheng responds with “me” and grabs her hand (in front of all of the other members, the other members are just staring)

Before an interview, TongYao got sopping wet. After drying her off, he asks if she wants to try it.

Episode 21: LuSiCheng confesses to TongYao, and asks her to be his girlfriend. He planned on confessing after they won the nationals, but now because of JianYang and Xu Tai Lun (a playboy), it wouldn’t work. TongYao didn’t decline nor accept the request though, but she keeps on going on about LuSICheng’s tone of voice, it’s the tone of a captain, not a boyfriend. And then LuSiCheng’s like: I grab your hand: if you don’t bother trying, how would you know the tone of a boyfriend? He gave  her until 9 o’clock to give him an answer.

They have an interview later, and the two of them sit on opposite sides of the couch, and LuSICheng keeps on hinting at TongYao for accepting his confession. (in front of the entire media)

In the bus, TongYao flashbacked to all the times LuSiCheng took care of her or there was a sappy moment.

LuSiCheng: Right now, it’s 8: 58 Beijing time, what’s your answer?

TongYao: silent for a while

LuSICheng: pulls out the final trick: a kitten in his jacket!!! He took the cat hostage from the other base

LuSiCheng: If i’m still single after 30 seconds, then I’m going to take away the cat

TongYao: hugs LuSiCheng

Yayyyyyyy they are officially boyfriend and girlfriend!!! But TongYao is giving LuSiCheng a 3 month probation period.

LuSiCheng grabbed TongYao’s hand (awww he’s such a clingy boyfriend), and TongYao was desperately trying to get him to release his hand before Rui saw them. LuSiCheng was smiling. He also texted TongYao that her hand was super duper soft. (that’s pretty cute, he’s trying so hard too be the perfect boyfriend). He also texted her that the cat was luckier than him, because even the cat can hug its wife while sleeping. Using water as an excuse, LuSiCheng goes into TongYao’s room, and back hugs her.

Episode 22: During AiJia’s team’s tournament, JinYang sat in the front seat, but acted extremely bored and basically insulting her boyfriend. The two fans sitting behind her were so mad at her saying bad stuff about AiJia’s team, so they kept on provoking her. But our JinYang is absolutely awesome and doesn’t let the two people bother her. 

The first match, AiJia’s team won, but for the second match, AiJia’s team lost. JinYang acted even less interested, because she had witnessed him lose many many times. The two fans were really mad, so they hit JinYang with a board. All 4 of them, JinYang, TongYao, and the two fans started arguing really loudly. AiJia saw this, couldn’t contain his anger, and went down to scold the fans. AiJia tries to pull her away from the fans, but she isn’t willing to, so he princess carries her to the backstage. The two of them have a sappy moment backstage. They also kiss.

ZGDX has another match, and they win. The two of them also hold hands. Afte

Episode 23: In the bus, LuSiCheng and TongYao were kissing. Luckily, the others were sleeping, so Chubby wouldn’t have to get traumatized. But right after the bus passed outside of the tunnel, LuSiCheng just pulled away and went back to sleep as if nothing happened.

LuSiCheng tricks TongYao into his room, and back hugs her. (Cheng ge is trying to be romantic, but TongYao shies away

LuSICheng and TongYao are going out to buy some food. LuYue asks the two of them how long they have been dating for. Chubby’s expression when LuYue said that…

The two of them go to the mall, and LuSiCheng (obviously) goes to the grabber game in the arcade. He gets 2 really cute stuffies for TongYao. TongYao asks which one is cuter, and LuSiCheng replied with the one in the middle. But whenever LuSiCheng does any public affections, TongYao gets kind of shy, and runs away. (owch) TongYao tells him that she doesn’t want him to get affected because of his love life. LuSiCheng replies that he doesn’t care what other people think. TongYao is officially convinced, and gives him a cute peck on the lips. The two of them go to a movie theater, and there are only two of them. 

LuSiCheng: It went by too fast, how about we do it again? (referring to the kissy)

TongYao: leans forward light shines romantically, romantic music starts playing

TongYao: doesn’t do a kissy and pulls up his hoodie

LuSiCheng: (my disappointment is immeasurable…my day is ruined)

But they still kiss anyway… until TongYao pushes him away. And then they kiss again. (this relationship is moving by quite quickly)

ZGDX plans on going to a fan-signing event. All the members are really happy. LuSiCheng and TongYao kiss in public, and Chubby sees them… and volcanoes explode, earthquakes happen, explosions occur, oh boy, he is shocked and probably got PTSD.

In the hotel room, LuSiCheng calls TongYao, because he mainly had nothing to do. But Chubby is getting more and more open to the relationship, mainly because he needs to share a room with LuSiCheng. LuSiCheng thinks that TongYao crying looks really cute…Chubby takes a voice recording of what LuSiCheng says about TongYao. He sends it to TongYao.

Later, after the fan meeting, CHubby accidentally takes a video of TongYao and LuSiCheng sharing the same umbrella. In order to get him to delete the video, LuSiCheng must treat him to yummy food.

Oh no, when ZGDX comes back to their headquarters, K’s parents are here, and they are definitely NOT happy.

Episode 24: Turns out, K’s parents are here to borrow money from him, because his younger bro just got married and has a new house. But K doesn’t even pick up their phone calls, so they are here knocking on ZGDX’s doors and explaining everything to Rui. But K is a good person and he gives them his credit card, even though they are bad people, don’t deserve it, and just want an excuse to borrow money. But his only request is that his parents never come back to the headquarters. (if I had parents like him, I would have run away. But poor K, he has to deal with these gold-digger-ish parents

He also throws away his SIM card, so that his parents can’t ever call him again. When they were young, everything K did was wrong, everything his little brother did was right, and his parents only treated him as a money-earning tool.

JinYang is a freaking rich girl, and bought the entire YCBQ team. Like the entire thing. She’s the boss. (wow, I never knew that she was so rich, where does the money come from??!) Even her boyfriend calls her boss some of the time. JinYang also hosts an E-sports carnival, starring TongYao and AiJia. They mainly clarified some things that other people might think of the esports community.

Turns out, AiJia’s mom was super unhappy with him playing games, so she kicked him out. But now, they’ve made up.

There are also a lot of rumors that TongYao and LuSiCheng are dating. The other members are also gossiping about this. LuSiCheng comes down and actually admits it.

In another tournament between CK and another group, ZGDX also goes to watch them. JianYang sees TongYao and LuSiCheng together. TongYao and LuSiCheng also kiss. The other members’ reactions tho… and the crowd is absolutely silent, the MCs are in shock, and after like a couple seconds of silence, the crowd absolutely screams. 

Great, now LuSiCheng’s mom is coming to the ZGDX headquarters. They are in big trouble…

Episode 25: But lucky for us, LuSiCheng’s mom isn’t too mad, she’s just grumpy that LuSICheng didn’t even tell his mom that he was in a relationship.

LuSiCheng kind of regret being too fast in their relationship, because he was afraid that the netizens would talk really badly about TongYao

LuSiCheng is now openly kissing TongYao in her livestreams.

ZGDX has another tournament, they lose. K and Cat are arguing badly. 

TongYao goes to LuSiCheng’s room to tell him about K and Cat. But LuSiCheng is trying hard to turn it into a really romantic moment, with kissys, but TongYao wants to talk about real things. He pushes her onto his bed, but TongYao moves.

There are a lot of rumors that are yelling and scolding LuSiCheng and TongYao because they are in a relationship. A lot of close friends/family are now calling the two of them, to comfort them.

Episode 26: ZGDX has another tournament with Fanatic. If they lose, oh boy, they are going to be in trouble. Luckily, they win the tournament.

But the good thing is, the other teams are all in support of TongYao and LuSiCheng, and are supporting them in their livestreams. (That’s so wholesome)

Some person with really malicious intent sent TongYao a cockroach and other things to hurt her hand, and TongYao’s hand started bleeding. Oh my gosh, I love how Rui is willing to call the cops because of this. LuSiCheng takes care of TongYao’s bleeding fingers.

Because of that, TongYao can’t go to the next match for her own safety, because there was a threat in the package. LuSiCheng gets really mad and storms off.

TongYao messages that she wants to sleep hugging LuSICHeng. After a while, he appears, and they sleep together. 

ZGDX has a match, with TongYao sitting out. Even though they won, LuSiCheng was very unhappy. Now, LuSiCheng is ignoring everybody, speaking really less, and TongYao is sad. TongYao is worried that he is being mad at her.

Episode 27: TongYao needed to bandaid her finger again and she cried because it hurt so much. LuSiCheng heard and came to help her. TongYao asks if he wanted to breakup with her, since he ignored her. LuSiCheng told her that he was mad at himself, and didn’t know what to say. The two of them kiss.

The girl who sent the cockroaches and knife blade sent a video. She told everybody that she was a normal person, really liked LuSiCheng, and had major depression. She hadn’t slept for the last 48 hours (as if I see eyebags), she also suicides on camera. (that seems fake, she didn’t actually eat the pills while on camera). 

Now, there are a lot of mean comments hating TongYao. Now, the club wants to make TongYao not go to any activities. Some fans also called the police where the suicidal girl “suicided”, and they didn’t receive any notices of any suicides in that area (based on the girl’s age group).

Since the club isn’t willing to take responsibility and make sure that the members of ZGDX are protected, LuSiCheng is going to do it himself (epic music ensures).

Something happens to LuSiCheng’s hands, not sure what yet. He does terribly in the practice tournament. 

TongYao goes to give Ming and LuSiCheng coffee, but instead hears the two of them conversing suspiciously. In the coming tournament with YQCB, AiJia and Heirophant’s team, TongYao is able to play. Because of LuSiCheng’s hands and pretty bad directing, ZGDX loses the first match.

Episode 28: It seems like LuSiCheng is trying to convince himself that he can do it, that he can fight and win the game. However, the team ends up losing, which means that ZGDX won’t be going to the national tournament.

Turns out, LuSiCheng kept on leaving for some mysterious reason because he was getting rid the suicidal girl problem, who didn’t even suicide. The girl is now in jail/detained and TongYao is going to meet her in a couple of days. Cat is getting really mad at LuSiCheng because he doesn’t trust his teammates.

LuSiCheng is kind of depressed and sad right now. The whole team is now super dispirited and at a really low point. Rui even gets drunk. LuSiCheng admits to TongYao that he needs every single one of the members.

LuSiCheng apologizes to all the members. The other members also start crying. The team has made up 🙂 Cat apologizes and cries a lot.

After those heartfelt apologies, LuSiCheng and TongYao  go to meet the suicidal girl. The parents are trying to convince them that it’s just because their (freaking 18 year old) child is young, and doesn’t know what to do. But LuSiCheng ain’t taking that. The suicidal girl gets to stay at jail for 5 days. Now, everybody on the internet knows that TongYao is innocent.

Episode 29: TongYao gets to go home for the weekend, and LuSiCheng goes with her to visit her parents! TongYao gets LuSiCheng to put together her dad’s new computer, to start off with a good note. TongYao’s mom warns her to be careful, while TongYao’s dad warns him that he better actually love TongYao. TongYao tells him something, but LuSiCheng pretends to not hear it, and TongYao gets closer and he kisses her. They have a long kiss outside the car.

ZGDX has another tournament, against CK. ZGDX wins the first match, although it is quite a close match. JianYang and LuSiCheng has a conversation, mainly with LuSiCheng just giving JianYang backhanded compliments and roasting him indirectly. In the next match, JianYang really wants to beat them. And CK wins… so now everything’s down to the very last match. LuSiCheng wants to go to the bathroom, so she gives him a full body patdown to find candies… she finds one lollipop. It’s the last, final, and deciding match, and ZGDX wins (obviously, because if it didn’t happen, then it would be a really “bad” gaming drama)

I’m so proud of JianYang! He is happy for TongYao and LuSiCheng and accepts the fact that the she and JianYang just weren’t meant to be.

Episode 30: LuSiCheng: liking a person means that you want to let her spend as much of your money as possible. If you have 10 dollars, let her use 5 dollars, and then use the rest to buy her food so that she doesn’t go hungry

(Luyue: mimics throwing up)

It’s TongYao’s birthday! But nobody knows about it…

Chubby gets really sick from food poisoning (or atleast something close to that), and the next day is the national tournament!!! When out getting food for Chubby, LuSiCheng learns that today is TongYao’s birthday.

While TongYao is ready to plan a really lonely, boring birthday, all the other members come back with a cake, flowers, and birthday gifts for her! She was so shocked. LuSiCheng gives her a necklace, while she is busy making a wish, and the other members are just like: awwwww yassssssss Chubby’s like: I’m the one sick, shouldn’t I be the one getting all the attention?! (jokingly)

It’s now the nationals! ZGDX is going to go against YQCB.

Episode 31: Right before the finals, there are these cute interviews of all of the players. They keep on sniping at each other.

ZGDX wins the first match. They lost the second match. It’s the very last match. The suspense is really building up… and THEY WON!!! (not that it was surprising) LuSiCheng and TongYao kiss right after. Everybody is so happy for them, and JianYang is proud of TongYao, in a student, teacher way, not like a jealous lover. AiJia and JinYang also have a cute little moment. (two kisses from two couples in the same game!)

AiJia and JinYang get married. TongYao and LuSiCheng stare at each other lovingly and THE END!

Trailer and Teaser Impression + Thoughts

~~Spoiler included~~

TongYao joins this gaming team that LuSi Cheng is in/made. LuSiCheng seems like one of those male leads that focus a lot on their career and “don’t have time for romance”, and super cold to others. But once he falls in love, he’s super caring for our FL. Meanwhile, TongYao seems like one of those more romantic, childish, but hardworking female leads.

TongYao’s ex-boyfriend is going to come and bother her… a lot, and we are definitely going to hate him… a lot.

Once they get closer, LuSiCheng likes to pat TongYao’s head a lot, which is kind of cute.

Their team (obviously) win the championship, because if they don’t, it’s not a gaming cdrama. (Atleast, not one that I’ve seen)

The first time LuSiCheng and TongYao meet, she was hiding the last giant bottle of water in the supermarket, but (woahhh, coincidentally), he sees her.

She also goes to their gaming studio/headquarter place, but LuSiCheng thought that she was the delivery girl, so he took her takeout (that she bought for herself). But then, after a Weibo post, LuSiCheng realizes his mistake, and brings her inside to tell her to delete the post. They are having a “staring contest” to prove their dominance(atleast, that’s how I see it).

LuSiCheng: Delete the Weibo post

TongYao: No

LuSiCheng: Delete it

TongYao: I won’t

LuSiCheng: this is your last chance. Delete it.

TongYao: you have to apologize first

Meanwhile LuSiCheng’s friends/teammates are just like: dammmm, she’s got guts to go against out captain

TongYao and LuSiCheng get married in the end! Yayyyyy, we love a happy ending.

LuSiCheng refers to his goldfish as his “son”. Thats adorable

I absolutely love the OST that Angela Chang sings (link here)!!! It sounds really nice 😀 The name of their team, ZGDX or something, is so difficult to remember at first. Like, it’s literally just a bunch of cool looking letters that are stringed together. I feel like everybody looks the same, so I’m having a really hard time figuring out who’s who… I’ll remember to publish a character guide after the first episode comes out!

First Impressions + Thoughts

~~Spoilers included~~

EP 1: I’m a little bit worried, because Tongyao’s ex-boyfriend shows up in the first episode, and he seems like he is going to get super duper annoying and bothersome.

EP 2: This drama is so funny tho, like basically every episode, I’m laughing so hard my mom comes into my room and asks me what’s so funny and why I’m laughing all the time.

EP 5: LuSiCheng keeps on emphasizing how short TongYao is, through his jokes, but TongYao isn’t even that short!!! XuKai is 6 feet 2, and ChengXiao is 5 feet 6. That’s already pretty tall, but she only looks short because our ML is super duper tall.

EP 16: I absolutely love how funny it is! Only a couple of moments are cringy, and whenever LuSiCheng and Tongyao has any sort of cute moment, the other members’ expressions are absolutely wonderful to watch. Second couple: I’m absolutely living for JinYang and AiJia’s relationship! I feel like AiJia is the most perfect boyfriend you can get. Thank goodness, JianYang (TongYao’s ex) didn’t bother us too too much.

EP 28: ahhhhh, I’m not ready for this drama to end. it has brought me so much joy and laughter.


Rating: 4/5

Good Things:

Embarrassment level: I actually managed to sit through some of the most embarrasing/awkward scenes, which says a lot, because usually I’m really squeamish about these and usually skip them.

Funniness: this drama has given me so much laughter, and never failed to make me cackle each episode.

Bad Things:

Gaming scenes: oh boy, were such a turnoff for me. I still enjoyed it, yes, but I would get so bored during the gaming scenes because there were so many of them, and the viewers couldn’t understand what was happening.

Logic: back when TongYao was receiving a lot of mean comments because of her relationship with LuSiCheng, whenever she read them, she didn’t even cry. She legit cried when she lost a match, and now that there are a lot of netizens bashing and screaming at her, there’s no tears. There’s no way that you can get a “heart of steel” that quickly, especially since TongYao is still so new to the gaming industry. There should atleast be some type of reaction.

Also, I feel like even if you’re kind of stupid, then you should know that if there are a lot of netizens hating on somebody, then somebody’s definitely going to mail her some hurtful stuff. Have some caution!

If you rather like this drama, then why not check out the merch?

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  1. I enjoyed reading your recaps! I thought I would share some thoughts with you regarding your feeling that the logic was missing because she cried when she lost but not when she read the comments. As a female competitive gamer, I can say that this is something that seemed perfectly normal to me. Yeah, I sometimes get upset about things people say online; however, gaming is my life. If I’m beaten by a class/god that I know inside and out, that’s devastating for me, more devastating than comments from strangers. It rocks the very foundation that you build your confidence on and can be hard to recover from sometimes.
    Hope that improves your opinion of the logic of her emotions!
    Again, great recap, I like to find out if they win a match before I watch them because it’s too stressful for me to wait lol I was excited for the drama because I love Onmyoji Arena and it’s nice to see others enjoying a show that is sort of centered around it. Take care and I look forward to watching other dramas that you might recap in the future! <3

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