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Ancient Love Poetry: Episode Recap, Impression, and Final Review

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These are my takes on the cdrama Ancient Love Poetry, with episode recaps, first impressions/thoughts, and a final review!

Status: finished airing

Male Lead: Xu Kai as BaiJue

Female Lead: Zhou Dong Yu as ShangGu

Chinese Name:  千古玦尘

Recaped: 49/49 episodes

Rating: 2.5/5

Links: dramacool, youtube, dramalist

Ancient Love Poetry


Gu Jue Zhuan follows Shang Gu, once a leader of the four True Immortals, who falls into a deep sleep after sacrificing herself in a trial that lasted 60,000 years. Shang Gu wakes up many years later, and memories of what happened 300 years ago were completely wiped. But her former lover, Bai Jue, never forgot about her. Sacrificing his reincarnation for her life, he waited for her for 60,000 years. Even when his soul disappears, Shang Gu will wait for him forever.

Good/Bad Stuff That Happened

Ep 3: BaiJue unlocks ShangGu’s immortal vessels, and they end up hugging

They also have a mini breakup, because ShangGu feels betrayed by BaiJue. (I explain it a little bit better in the recap)

Ep 5: BaiJue princess-carries ShangGu back to her palace (adorable)

Ep 9: ShangGu goes to the Nether World to train to become the Chief God of Chaos

Ep 14: NOOOOOOOOOOOO YueMi dies!! As she is about to die, TianQi confesses that he knew that she liked him, but didn’t tell her before.

Baijue finds out that ShangGu has to sacrifice herself for her Chaos trial.

Ep 15: BaiJue and ShangGu has a cute little stargazing date before ShangGu sacrifices herself for the Chaos Trial.


Xuanyi’s attacking the God’s Realm. ZhiYang, Hongri (why, oh why?), and a bunch of other immortals sacrifice their lives. BaiJue also dies at the end

But luckily, 60,000 years later, we have a cute little ShangGu reincarnation called HouChi.

Ep 23: QIngMu is the new owner of the TaiCang Spear (BaiJue’s weapon), TianQi/Ziyue knows that QingMu is BaiJue

Ep 24: QingMu celebrates HouChi’s birthday with her, they are officially a couple!!!

Ep 25: QingMu has to turn down a marriage proposal with JingZhao, but I already know from the trailer that they will end up married.

Mini Recaps

[Ep 1] ShangGu goes to the Temple of Love, and tries to help the immortals there fall in love, but the spell goes wrong, so she hides at ChangYuan Palace (BaiJue’s palace) to escape punishment (but woah, what a coincidence, he shows up).

The other Immortals deceive BaiJue into teaching ShangGu, by saying that she is very hardworking, submissive, and never makes trouble (haha BaiJue actually believes them). ShangGu is willing to learn from BaiJue, with the intention of having her immortal vessels unblocked so that she can expel BaiJue from the Immortal Realm, because he humiliated her. BaiJue gives ShangGu an test: to make these Tiger Demons (who basically never smiles) smile.

Then, these female immortals who have crushes on BaiJue brought ShangGu gifts so that she would allow them go into ChangYuan Palace, since BaiJue doesn’t allow anybody to go there.

[Ep 2] Because of ShangGu letting those female immortals in, wherever BaiJue was, there were always the female immortals trying to gain his favor. He told ShangGu to never come back to his ChangYuan Palace.

However, it turned out to be a misunderstanding, and ShangGu was collecting the female immortal’s “love energy” towards BaiJue, to make the Tiger Demons smile. BaiJue makes up for this by giving back her power, a cute smol little bracelet, and a cute swing. However, ShangGu wanted to get even with him, so she forced BaiJue to seal his powers and she wanted to hit him, but it doesn’t work.

Cute little storytime: apparently, when ZhiYang was traveling in the lower realms, he got abducted by a mortal girl and was forced to marry her (lol, poor him)

XuanYi(the Devil Lord) also asks ShangGu to visit him, but ShangGu doesn’t want to go b/c she thinks she will die, so she plans on running away, but (coincidentally), BaiJue comes and scares her into not running away.

BaiJue takes her to Mount Lookout to practice her powers, and the next morning, BaiJue unlocks her Immortal vessels, and they end up hugging! Then Hongri sees them, doesn’t bother them, and leaves with a smoll smile (no joke, he. is the ultimate shipper). ShangGu apologized for absorbing a lot of his powers and even flirted with him, but BaiJue was secretly disappointed of her apologizing. He also teaches her a sword, and they have a cute little moment together.

[Ep 3]

Hongri: Master, you’re in a really good mood today

BaiJue: The tea is good

Hongri: Ohhh, the tea was picked by ShangGu yesterday, so that’s why you’re so happy

BaiJue: the water is good

Hongri: Ohhh, the water was collected by ShangGu this morning, so it must be really sweet

BaiJue: What are you trying to say?

ShangGu gets her divine trial, but BaiJue withstood most of the trial lightning for her. BaiJue also makes a weapon for ShangGu, but because of the trial and weapon, he had many after-effects and fainted on ShangGu (but he fainted standing up, so that was a little bit annoying…, like, if you want to faint, atleast faint properly)

After BaiJue fainted, ShangGu learned why she went through the trial so easily, so she gave him almost all of her spiritual power, and took care of him for night. When asked, ShangGu lies and said that TianQi was the one who healed BaiJue. She also officially recognizes BaiJue as her Master.

Since BaiJue was really weak, the barrier he set around Mount Lookout was collapsing, so he had to fix it, but ShangGu was taken by some devils to the Nether World (aka the Devils’ realms). After a short meeting with XuanYi, XuanYi and BaiJue starts fighting. However, this was all according to their plan, and the 4 of them traps XuanYi so that he won’t escape. 

ShangGu feels really betrayed, because she thought that everything he did for her was part of the plan, not because he actually cared about her (although its not true). They now have a mini “breakup” without actually being together.

I’m so annoyed with TianQi. Whenever ShangGu gets mad at him, he would just push the blame off to ZhiYang and/or BaiJue. He is so childish.

[Ep 4] YueMi takes back ShangGu’s spiritual power for her. Meanwhile, ShangGu sneaks into Baijue’s room and tries to kiss Baijue, because she thinks that she can get her spiritual power back. But he wakes up and asks her what she was doing, so ShangGu is really really embarrassed.

Bijou also asks for Hongri’s advice on girls, but is using the excuse of having an “old friend” that has girl troubles. 

Hongri: with your temper, how could you have any friends? (while smiling a little)

Baijue: glares

So now, BaiJue is trying really hard to make it up to ShangGu, and is seeking her out. (tbh, I find this part really cringy, and I couldn’t sit through it, so I won’t be writing about it 🙂

TianQi also organizes a “Dating Event” for ShangGu. He wants to get closer to ShangGu and tell him that he likes her.

Baijue accidentally heard ShangGu say she liked TianQi (awww, poor BaiJue, but ShangGu only meant that she liked TianQi as friends, but he doesn’t know that). However, BaiJue heard that ShangGu was going to go to the dating event, so he also went.

TianQi is trying so hard to tell ShangGu his feelings, but he keeps on getting interrupted. YueMi sees her chance, and tried to use the Rope of Love to get TianQi to like her, but the rope wraps around the Night Immortal and the Day Immortal instead. Immediately, they fell in love, even though they were bickering like crazy a couple of seconds earlier.

The Day and Night Immortal both went down to the mortal realm to do their trials and because of this, the weather is really bad. ShangGu was struggling to make her way out, but luckily, BaiJue came, and told her that he would help her leave this place. But at this time, PuHua dragged both of them into his secret chamber, according to TianQi’s instructions, but he couldn’t see well. Instead of putting TianQi and ShangGu into the secret chamber, he accidentally dragged BaiJue and ShangGu into the secret chamber.

In the secret room, ShangGu fooled around, and BaiJue, to punish her, dragged her onto his lap (I don’t get the logic in this, like why… why would this happen, other than to bring the leads together)

Baijue (blinks furiously): I didn’t do that on purpose

ShangGu: you definitely did it on purpose

Baijue: No, I wasn’t, I’m just easily provoked (dang, BaiJue is flushing… hard))

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_3410.png

ShangGu accidentally recited the wrong spell and she was able see other people’s futures, presents, and pasts. She chooses to see BaiJue’s life (duh), and saw how as a child, his father was really strict strict on him.

She also holds Baijue’s hand, to tell him that there aren’t just cold and timid people in the world, and that from now on she will be with him, and he won’t be alone. They hug! She uses the excuse of her having injuries so that he wouldn’t pull away (that’s pretty sly of her)

[Ep 5] BaiJue princess-carries ShangGu back to his palace, and the other immortals bet on who the girl BaiJue carried was. When ShangGu wakes up(at her palace), the moment she heard that BaiJue carried her back, she asked if she was sleeping prettily, if she was snoring or drooling.

ShangGu also asks BaiJue to watch the stars with her, and he purposely plays hard to get, by saying that she could go by herself, but that smol smile reveals his true feelings. He takes her to a place and they watch stars there. (AHHHHHH THEY ALSO HOLD HANDS, SO CUTE!!!)

ShangGu scooches closer and lays her head on Baijue’s shoulder, and they both fall asleep there. BaiJue dreamed of ShangGu sacrificing herself and woke up with a start.

ShangGu asks YueMi for advice on how to know if BaiJue likes her. She makes a kite and asks Baijue to fly kites with her. Hongri cut in, saying that his master wasn’t that type of person, but BaiJue told her that he will fly kites with her… and Hongri’s expression when he said that…. (OMG BAIJUE SMILED AND IT WAS A REALLY BIG SMILE AS WELL!!!)

[Ep 6] The Snow Immortal “accidentally” broke ShangGu’s kite, and tries to convince her that BaiJue is only nice to her because he is her mentor. They have a fighting competition, and ShangGu loses. BaiJue cuts in, and scolds both of the girls. ShangGu gets angry, and goes back to her palace to sulk. 

Meanwhile, in order to make up for what the Snow Immortal did wrong, BaiJue made XueYin (the Snow Immortal) give ShangGu 1000 years of prowess, but doesn’t tell ShangGu that he was the one who made the Snow Immortal do it. BaiJue makes another kite for ShangGu (awww thats pretty cute) The moment ShangGu hears that BaiJue was the one who made XueYin do it, she’s not angry anymore. 

The other True Immortals plan on getting a spirit beast for ShangGu. However, the spirit beast had her spirit stolen, so they need go to find her spirit. 

Story-time: FengYan, (ShangGu’s designated spirit beast) had a lover, WuXi, and she was about to go through Nirvana, but if she does that, all her memories will disappear (including her memories of WuXi). So WuXi stole her spirit while she was going through Nirvana because he didn’t want her to forget the memories of him. 

Now, our leads have to find them. After a long chat with FengYan, doesn’t want to capture WuXi, because then it would separate the lovers, and once BaiJue came back, she convinces BaiJue to not catch them.

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Because she was drunk, ShangGu pushes BaiJue onto the bed and kisses his forehead.

[Ep 7] In order to save WuXi’s life, Feng Yan chooses to go through nirvana. This made WuXi really mad, so he used his powers to hurt ShangGu badly. BaiJue brought ShangGu to the Phoenix Clan to heal. The only person who can heal ShangGu is Feng Yan, but Feng Yan can’t do it right now.

There is another way to save ShangGu, and that is the Water Bead, but XueYin currently has it. In order to get the Water Bead, BaiJue had to agree to become XueYin’s master. (Lol, when he took off a part of ShangGu’s clothes to heal her wound, he put on a blindfold, but it was literally see through)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_3412.png

While BaiJue was getting the Water Bead, WuHuan, a phoenix with a lowly rank took care of her. (WuHuan looked really sus though, especially when she said that she would change her own fate)

Shanggu wakes up, and confronts BaiJue about killing Wuxi but apparently, BaiJue didn’t kill Wuxi, he just took away all of his cultivation. 

ShangGu chooses to have WuHuan as her spirit beast, and when they go back to ChangYuan Palace, Xueyin arrives at the ChangYuan palace and will stay there and practice with ShangGu. The 2 girls keep on going at each other, and BaiJue keeps on secretly taking ShangGu’s side.

[Ep 8] ShangGu is going to eat dinner with BaiJue, so she dresses up really nicely, but at dinner, BaiJue tells her that she needs to go to the Nether World all by herself for 1,000 years.

ShangGu also needed to choose a disciple, and chose GuJun. She made a bet with XueYin: XueYin and GuJun fight, if GuJun loses, then ShangGu will go to the Nether World for 1,000 years.

These 2 disciples were given the task to get rid of this poisonous lotus, but they were envious of GuJun, so they threw it at him. However, he dodged, and the lotus flew on TianQi’s face and he accidentally set fire to TianQi’s palace front door.

BaiJue goes to TianQi’s palace, because ShangGu was also there, to prove GuJun’s innocence, because he knows that XueYin was the one who planned all of this.

When he saw that ShangGu was feeding TianQi something, he immediately came over and stopped her arm (awww he’s jealous)

Another couple: I can’t tell if WuHuan likes MuGuang or GuJun, she’s sending signals all over the place… their brotherhood is really nice, so i hope they don’t fight for the same girl.

[Ep 9] Ooooo so now BaiJue wants to help ShangGu train GuJun, so that she wouldn’t have to go to the nether world (that’s so cute)

BaiJue also made GuJun a pill (because his immortal vessels are like blocked or something like that), and is willing to lend the Dark Abyss to her (its his baby, and he never lends it to anybody, and it would help GuJun train better) I feel bad for Zhiyang, he has to stand BaiJue, TianQi, and ShangGu’s bickering.

Baijue tells ShangGu that if she wins, then ShangGu wouldn’t have to go to the Nether World, and he gives her the key to the Dark Abyss. GuJun and ShangGu goes to there to train, and GuJun becomes a god.

XueYin and GuJun fight, and GuJun wins, but ShangGu still decides to go to the Nether World. XueYin is expelled from the God Realm.

After she went to the Nether World, ShangGu asked XuanYi to set a barrier so that no gods can go in, and she can’t go out.

[Ep 10] Since BaiJue was worried for ShangGu, he would let his spirit go to the Nether World to take care of ShangGu, but there were a lot of after-effects.

WuHuan is now starting to abuse her power, and now that she has a higher status, she’s super mean to the ones with lower statuses.

ShangGu’s coming back! She managed to get the Power of Chaos, so now she can come back. Wuhuan is secretly mad, because she liked the power she had while ShangGu was away

XuanYi is purposely trying to befriend Shanggu, to gain her trust. Because XueYin hates SHangGu so much, XuanYi plans on using her to gain revenge on ShangGu, so he takes control of her body.

The portal between the Nether World and Immortal Realm is now broken. The immortal soldiers started losing, but luckily, ShangGu comes and saved the day! (Her fighting now looks super cool).

[Ep 11] Because of her heroics during the battle with the ChongQi, XueYin is now allowed in the Immortal Realm (after being banned).

ShangGu is thinks that BaiJue was the one who kept on helping her in the Nether World. BaiJue spirit is still injured, and after a while, ShangGu realizes that BaiJue was the one who helped her.

ShangGu now wants to marry BaiJue, (I find this so random, and a little bit too fast). YueMi and ShangGu formulates a plan, and after a meeting, Hongri also was able to guess their plan.

ShangGu and BaiJue went to the lower realm, and they are about to kiss, but BaiJue gets all awkward. ShangGu asks if BaiJue wants to be together with her, and he is about to kiss her, but ShangGu moves away (although she had a smile on her face)… it gets really awkward.

ShangGu keeps on trying to get a romantic moment, but they kept on getting interrupted. The QiongQi demons arrives and ruins the scene.

[Ep 12] TianQi looks really sus, because he asked his apprentice to get something without ZhiYang’s permission.

ShangGu was about to get the instruction feather (to turn into the Chief God of Chaos), but TianQi rebelled and stole the instruction feather before ShangGu could get it. TianQi says that he wanted to rule the world, but I personally think he did it for ShangGu.

The other demons invade, and because of old injuries and new injuries, BaiJue faints in ShangGu’s arms. 

ShangGu finds TianQi, but chose to let him go. Now, there is a lot of gossips around them two.

XueYin tries to convince WuHuan that once Fengyan (ShangGu’s original spirit beast) goes through nirvana and become ShangGu’s spirit beast, WuHuan will get treated really badly. WuHuan is turning really bad, because she likes the power and status that she has as a spirit beast.

[Ep 13] TianQi is planning to form a Destruction Formation (that will sacrifice all of the organisms in the realms, but would save ShangGu), but Zhiyang, BaiJue, and ShangGu don’t think that TianQi would actually do this. (But why would TianQi do that? Like, if everybody dies, who would he rule over???)

Now that TianQi has gone rogue, ShangGu finds TianQi again because she wanted to know why he would do that. TianQi pretends that he never had feelings for ShangGu, and that he was always acting. He also hurt Shanggu with his fancy-purple-lightning-electricity-whip.(I dunno what it’s called)

Now ShangGu is quite heartbroken, so BaiJue took her to drink some wine(he’s getting less and less strict with her :))

ShangGu: If, one day, I make a really bad mistake, what would you do?

BaiJue: with me here, that would never happen

ShangGu: But what if it does happen?

BaiJue: if it was before, I would have said principals come before love. But now, I am willing to take the punishment with you

ZiHan is so loyal to TianQi that it makes me feel really bad for him

BaiJue and YueMi leaves to stop TianQi from destroying the entire world. WuHuan also goes there, to prove her worth, so that she wouldn’t have to leave. (XuKai looks so epic in that costume)

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[Ep 14] YueMi goes to convince TianQi to stop, but he won’t listen, so she’s willing to die at his hands, but TianQi doesn’t allow that to happen. As she starts to convince TianQi to stop, WuHuan goes, and shoots an arrow at TianQi, but YueMi takes the arrow for him. TianQi goes crazy and wants to kill WuHuan, but YueMi still thinks about ShangGu at this time, and doesn’t let him kill her. (awwwww, YueMi is such a good friend, even as she’s dying, she still thinks about ShangGu) As she’s about to die, TianQi tells her that he never viewed her as a lover, but as friends. TianQi knew that she liked him, but he didn’t want to refuse her, so he pretended to never know. Then YueMi dies. (NOOOOOOOO WHY DID THE SCRIPTWRITERS HAVE TO DO THAT)

(ooooh, so TianQi did the Destruction Formation to save ShangGu). BaiJue and TianQi fight, and BaiJue kills TianQi

They get depressed for like 15 minutes (in the episode) and then ShangGu continues to practice to become the Chief God of Chaos.

BaiJue looks into TianQi’s past, because he wanted to know why he rebelled. Instead, he got nostalgia. TianQi rebelled because the barrier between the Nether World and Immortal Realms was lifting by itself, because of the Chaos trial (that ShangGu has to go through after she becomes the Chief God of Chaos)

TianQi learned that, unless ShangGu sacrifices herself, every living things in all 3 realms will die. BaiJue now knows why TianQi gone rogue.

[Ep 15] Baijue asks ShangGu to go on stargazing with him, because he knows that she will die the next day. But ShangGu now knows her responsibilities and refuses, but after a hug from BaiJue, she agree

Xuanyi’s minions come and cause a lot of trouble. They made the Chaos Trial start earlier.

(I don’t rlly like how selfish BaiJue is now, he was willing to kill TianQi, one of his brothers that he’d probably known for hundreds of thousands of years in order to save the other living things, but now he ain’t willing to sacrifice ShangGu. I’m aware she’s his lower… but still)

The other gods are suffering while the two of them are stargazing…Shanggu actually knew that she would die, so she put a spell on BaiJue, so he couldn’t stop her, and went to sacrifice herself. Shanggu also added a barrier so that BaiJue wouldn’t go and try to save her. But BaiJue broke the barrier and went to where ShangGu was, while she was busy sacrificing herself. ShangGu asked if BaiJue likes her, and he said yes.

Then, she faded away into nothingness.

[Ep 16] BaiJue wakes up after a really long rest (because he harmed his soul), and realises that SHangGu is gone. Lots of scenes of him having flashbacks to when ShangGu was still alive.

ZhiYang and BaiJue guessed that XuanYi planned everything, because he wanted SHangGu to sacrifice herself for him (since he was the Chaos god before he turned into a devil)

Now, Xuanyi’s attacking the God’s Realm, so they start fighting XuanYi

Xueying realized that she was being used by the devils, so she beat up the dude that convinced her to help the Devil Realm. They both died at the end. (I’m pretty glad that XueYin died, but I feel like her death should’ve been more revengeful)

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It was pretty funny seeing XuanYi’s minion getting beaten up

Zhiyang sacrifices himself. And the other gods also start sacrificing their spirits one by one. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO HONGRI DIED. WHYYYYYY HE DIDN’T DESERVE IT!

BaiJue also dies. Huh okay, now all of the true gods are dead: BaiJue, ShangGu, ZhiYang, and TianQi.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_3451.jpg
I’m pretty bothered by the fact that, as BaiJue is falling, the tear fell downward…

Speeds up to 60,000 years later.

SCANDAL TIME: MuGuang is now the Heavenly Emperor, and he is going to marry WuHuan. (now she has all the status she wants :((( ). Apparently, GuJun and WuHuan also have a daughter (who’s born from an egg, which is kinda weird, but okay). GuJun got somebody to do fortune telling, and was told that his daughter will be a True Immortal. 

The daughter’s name is HouChi, but she’s ShangGu’s reincarnation, and will also a True Immortal.

Skips to when HouChi is grown up. Apparently, HouChi is still really bad at her spells, kind of like ShangGu at the beginning. But when she got tested on her spells, she (amazingly) managed to do the spell correctly, even though she spent a lot of time trying to do it, but it didn’t work.

Haven’t seen BaiJue’s reincarnation yet.

[Ep 17] Ohp nevermind. Remember what I said about HouChi being able to do the spell correctly for the first time? It turns out, her master did that for her. HouChi, like ShangGu, was also born with closed spiritual veins.

OOOOHHHHH, so HouChi has a friend, called BoXuan, and he is the “masked hero”. HE’S BAIJUE’S REINCARNATION!!! Yayyyyy! But he’s gone incognito/missing for 10,000 years because of a trial. (tbh, I like the name ShangGu and BaiJue more than HouChi and BoXuan)

These low immortals spin a tale to their Master, ZiYuan, because they lost the Fire Coral, so they lie about it and push the blame towards HouChi and FengRan (HouChi’s master).

JingZhao is MuGuang and WuHuan’s daughter, and she is *spoiled. She also acts a lot like WuHuan, like, enjoying and abusing her status, etc etc

HouChi goes to the lower realms, and since she hasn’t left the QingChi palace in 10,000 years, there is a lot of gossip about her. There was even a person selling a picture of HouChi, because everybody thought that she was really ugly, and nowadays, the picture of HouChi is used to “lure away evils”.

Oh, so apparently, BaiJue’s reincarnation, QingMu, is also really powerful. He is the North Sea Star Lord, and (his hairstyle also changed, and it looks kind. of weird). He’s more relaxed and free than BaiJue, but he still doesn’t like to talk with girls. JingZhao has a crush on QingMu… ugh… I swear, she’s XueYin’s reincarnation. They go on a walk together.

HuoChi coincidentally sees the two of them. BoXuan sees HouChi (and cheesy music shows), but I’m pretty sure he either forgot her, or pretended that he didn’t know her. But they start on the wrong foot. QingMu realises that they have the same bracelet, which meant that they are connected in some way. (turns out that during his trial, he forgot about HouChi)

[Ep 18] FengRan and ZiYuan start fighting at DongHua’s birthday, and HouChi uses the bracelet to pretend she has really powerful spiritual power. She stops the fighting, and looks absolutely epic in her newly transformed clothes, and the way she talks back at the bad people was so *queen-like. QingMu sees ShangGu in his dreams. HouChi also makes it so that whoever tries to break the restriction on ZiYuan will get struck by lightning. JingZHao was obviously the one who got struck by lightning. 

Ohhhhhh, I’m guessing that DongHua was one of the immortals still alive from the big fight between the devils and immortals, and now he thinks that QingMu resembles BaiJue, and HouChi resembles ShangGu a lot.

HouChi goes to this place, and she sees ShangGu’s ancestral sword. QingMu comes and stops her from taking it out. Turns out QingMu and HouChi are the only ones who can see her ancestral sword.

HouChi and FengRan goes to the hut where she would meet BoXuan, 10,000 years before. (turns out the hut was Mount Lookout, remember that place??!!!) QingMu also follows them. HouChi suspects that BoXuan might be the Demon lord, ZiYue, because he also wears a mask all the time.

*bad plan time* HouChi and FengRan plan on going to the Demon tribe to see is ZiYue is BoXuan.

The two girls go to the barrier dividing the Demon and Immortal realm. QingMu also comes, and he looks epic. FengRan and QingMu starts fighting, but QingMu grabs HouChi and they go through the barrier together. They have a cute little talk, and Qingmu tells her that he feels like she feels familiar.

[Ep 19] 1,000 years ago, Qingmu found himself at the North Sea, and had no memories and no belongings, other than the bracelet (that looks the same as HouChi’s bracelet). OMG HouChi thinks that QingMu is BoXuan’s son (hahah lol). She also thinks that he is BoXuan’s brother or relative.

They go their separate ways, but QingMu keeps on following her… which is kind of creepy, but I guess since they’re the male and female leads, it doesn’t really matter.

A little hint from MuGuang of what is probably going to happen later in the story. The 4 weapons of the 4 True Immortals (that all died) can restore the God’s Realm, since currently, there is only the Immortal Realm, Human Realm, and Demon Realm. 

In order to find BoXuan, they need sacred beads (aka, money), so HouChi has this really great idea of making BoXuan earn money from the female demons, because he’s really popular among the girls in the demon realm. He’s busy running away from the girls.

HouChi meets with the turtle demon, who apparently knows everything about the three realms. In order to meet ZiYue, she has two fight these wo evils, and when she was about to lose, QingMu comes and saves her.

TIANQI REMEMBERSSSS EVERYTHING YIPEEEEE!!! Finally, somebody who remembers who they are, and who BaiJue and ShangGu are.

[Ep 20] QingMu has both demon and immortal powers in him, but he doesn’t know why. Immortal and demon power coexisting in a person is never heard of. HouChi and QingMu pretend to be a physician to treat a fox demon that’s important to the 2nd Prince, and QingMu is the apprentice, while HouChi is the Master (lol).

TianQi gets pretty depressed because YueMi died, even though he didn’t love her. I rather like TianQi’s new and improved makeup.

FengRan and JingJian get tied together by a magical rope that can’t be untied, ever again. I sense a romance brewing between these two.

QingMu makes a lot of yummy food for HouChi, but she isn’t there.

[Ep 21] TianQi (sorry, ZiYue) and HouChi meet up, and HouChi uses the excuse of ZiYue being her lover to meet him. 

ZiYue’s apprentice is just like: there’s ShangGu and BaiJue… and he got so confused, wondering why they had terrible power and didn’t know him. Turns out that TianQi and his apprentice are alive, because BaiJue spared their final breaths, and TianQi is touchy touchy. When his apprentice spoke badly about BaiJue, he got mad at his apprentice, because he TianQi can speak badly about BaiJue, nobody else can. Turns out that he still feels a brotherhood with BaiJue, which is good.

HouChi and QingMu must leave the Demon Palace, because their disguises have been discovered. They go to save FengRan, because she and Senyu started fighting. They even get the attention of the Demon Emperor. QIngMu and the Demon Emperor start fighting, and just as he is about to lose, HouChi gives Qingmu her bracelet that protects her(the one that BaiJue gave to ShangGu), and he uses his magic to form a fancy spear, and wins. (hint hint, the spear is TaiCang Spear, BaiJue’s spiritual weapon)

BaiJue’s TaiCang Spear has shown up again at Mount Lookout.

[Ep 22] HouChi gives Qingmu a life-saving pill, and QingMu asks her to feed him, and HouChi uses her power and shoves it into his mouth (Qingmu: you nearly choked me to death!!!) QingMu also confessed his feelings, but HouChi turned him down (even though she walked out smiling).

You know how JingJian and FengRan got tied together with a magical rope that can’t be untied? Now QingMu wants one, so that he can stick to HouChi (that’s very sly of you, QingMu)

QingMu and HouChi go to Mount Lookout to check out the TaiCang Spear, because it might be related to BoXuan. HouChi is turned into a little kid, so that other people don’t notice her.

JingZhao is making trouble at Mount Lookout, and is hurting the demons. QingMu comes, and stops her. Before JingZhao gets too close to QingMu, HouChi gets jelly-jelly, and goes in. (she even dared to call QingMu his father, and talked back to JingZhao (saying that she was old. When HouChi said that QingMu has a wife, QingMu was secretly really happy). JingZhao agrees to forgive the kid (aka HouChi) for doing so, only if the kid apologies. HouChi agrees, and summons lightning at JingZhao. (QingMu looked like a proud little daddy). JingZhao got struck by lightning… again. JingZhao realised that the kid was HouChi. HouChi turns back into the adult HouChi.

MuGuang thinks that HouChi is ShangGu, and also guesses that QingMu is BaiJue.

QingMu is starting to get jealous of BoXuan, I’m pretty sure. The two of them make a wish with the shooting stars, and QingMu wished 2 wishes, the first one was for HouChi to quickly become an immortal. HouChi wished that QingMu’s wishes would come true. 

Qingmu, FengRan, and HouChi go to see the TaiCang spear. Hongri (the Fire QiLin one guarding the spear, and not letting anybody else get close to the spear) drags QingMu to the spear.

[Ep 23] ZiYue is also at the TaiCang Spear area, not to take the spear, but to find out if QingMu is actually BaiJue. He is BaiJue!

After QIngMu is dragged towards the spear, the spear gives a lot of immortal energy to him, which would usually cause somebody to explode, but QingMu (luckily) didn’t. HouChi thinks that QingMu is BaiJue.

QingMu also gets some of BaiJue’s memories, of BaiJue being depressed about ShangGu dying and letting one of HongRi’s souls guard the TaiCang Spear, while BaiJue plans on finding ShangGu.

JingZhao tells the other immortals that the demons can’t have the spear, so they all start fighting. HongRi died again… because of JingZhao and the second prince. QingMu finished fusing with the spear’s power, and now has all of BaiJue’s power. He becomes BaiJue for a moment, because HongRi died, and punished JingZhao. BaiJue sees HouChi and thinks that it’s ShangGu. He hugs, but it’s awkward because HouChi doesn’t have her memories of ShangGu. BaiJue’s like: sappy sappy staring at HouChi longingly, while HouChi’s like: HELP PLEASE I DON’T KNOW YOU, but i still need to be polite because you can blast me to pieces. BaiJue faints and turns back to QingMu.

Ziyue has confirmed that QingMu is BaiJue.

His apprentice: now that we know that QingMu is BaiJue, should we kill him for what he did?

Ziyue: when have I ever said I wanted to kill BaiJue??

His apprentice: WHAT?! Ever since you woke up, you’ve always been saying that you wanted to kill him

ZiYue: looks the other way

His apprentice: you even wrote down that you want to kill him on a piece of paper. I have the piece of paper here with me.

Ziyue: uses a spell to force-close his apprentice’s mouth

QingMu’s now at QingChi Palace healing. HouChi is taking care of him. Ziyue goes to QingChi Palace to tell HouChi everything, about ShangGu, BaiJue, etc. 

Except, Ziyue tells her lies… like how HouChi was ShangGu’s maid. Ziyue told HouChi that QingMu was the one who separated the two of them, and that the two of them were together in their past life. But luckily, HouChi is smart and doesn’t believe him.

QingMu finds Ziyue and HouChi, and the two of them start arguing, but HouChi stops them both and reprimanded both of them. QingMu walks away sulkily.

HouChi goes to find Qingmu, but he’s angry, because he thinks that HouChi is realy unfair, since it’s so easy for others to get close to her, but it’s really difficult for himself. QingMu goes to leave, but receives some of BaiJue’s memories, and faints again.

ZiYue invites HouChi to drink liquor with him, but QingMu is getting a little bit jelly, so Ziyue puts a barrier so QingMu can’t move. HouChi asks if ZiYue has any relationship with BoXuan, and still turns him down when he confesses.

[Ep 24] WuHuan got kind of sad and reminessed back when ShangGu was still alive. Then, she got bitter because she also knew that TianQi was also alive, and he almost killed her.

QingMu is making breakfast for HouChi, and he leans in for a kiss, but HouChi moves.

ZIYue tells HouChi that the seal on her spiritual power would be quite difficult to break, and that he doesn’t know what might happen to her if it is broken. QIngMu sees them getting kinda close, and cuts in. He plays everything out, and gets an excuse to use needles on Ziyue. He stabs the needle into ZiYue’s hand, as revenge.

MuGuang bestows a marriage with QingMu and JingZhao. Not sure if QingMu will agree, however.

It’s HouChi’s birthday, and QingMu is making yummy noodles for her. QingMu tells her that he is willing to love her his entire life. HouChi started turning him down, but he hugged her. QingMu takes her to the North Sea and promises that he will always be there for her. QingMu gives HouChi his most precious baby: his sword. There are also fireworks.

[Ep 25] JingJian goes to the QingChi Palace to find QingMu, to tell him about the marriage proposal and him being bestowed commander of the army.

QingMu goes to turn down the marriage proposal, but he can’t because of power struggles, peace, etc.

FengRan is thinking of ways to make HouChi more “interesting” and get her game up, so first, she tries to get HouChi to read some love stories. When that doesn’t work, she gets ChangQue to make HouChi jealous, by showing other girl immortals who are really in love with QingMu. Apparently, before he left, Qingmu told FengRan to either make HouChi really happy, or make HouChi think of him, and not make HouChi worry about him.

JingZhao came to QingChi Palace, because she now knows that QingMu likes HouChi. She tells her that QingMu already agreed to the marriage. As JingZhao leaves, the people at QingChi Palace obviously need to make fun of her, so they get a bunch of wild animals and make them get really close to JingZhao. Every single one of them gets a turn: birds, murder hornets, snakes, and bats.

QingMu gets a chance to not have to marry JingZhao: if he is able to find JingYang in the Abyssal Ridge Swamp. However, HouChi obviously needs to cause some trouble, so she thinks BoXuan is at the Abyssal Ridge Swamp, so she goes to find him.

JingJian and QingMu makes a plan to draw FengRan away from HouChi so that QIngMu can talk to HouChi by himself. (Fengran notices the plan though). QingMu pranks HouChi by pretending that he was a bloodthirsty demon, but HouChi notices. She really misses QIngMu.

[Ep 26] Our FengRan and JingJian are growing into a couple rather nicely.

Depressing storytime: when FengRan was a small little phoenix baby, she was thrown into the Abyssal Ridge Swamp because she was ominous. There was an old Tree Demon that saved her life by warming her up with his demon core for 3 days, 3 nights. He grew old, and wished for FengRan to take him along and explore the world together. But before that could happen, JingYang and SenYun started fighting, and heavenly fire rained down on the swamp. In order to save FengRan, he sacrificed his life. (this part was absolutely depressing, I almost cried)

Oh! Apparently when she was young, FengRan saved a smol little bean at the Abyssal Ridge Swamp. That little boy was JingJian!

QingMu and HouChi find an idea to get out of their prison. Of course, they need to torchure JingYang a little bit, because he killed the Tree Demon. HouChi blesses him with some lightning strikes.

First strike: may you get a violent and ruthless beautiful wife as soon as possible

Second strike: may you have lots of children, and never be at peace with your family

Third strike: may you receive another of my blessing (HouChi blesses people with lightning strikes)

Qingmu, HouChi, FengRan, and the others must escape from the 3 headed dragon, so they hide at the place where TianQi put up the Destruction Formation, where TianQi tried to destroy the whole world.

But there is the remnant of a True god guarding the place, so QingMu uses his TaiCang Spear, and it stops.

There is a statue of YueMi at the Destruction Formation, because TianQi put it there when she died. HouChi regains some memories of YueMi and ShangGu.

The 3 headed dragon finds them, and QingMu and JingJian fight it. QingMu shows off his epic fighting skills. (epic fighting music comes in)

QingMu has also been poisoned with the 3 headed dragon’s breath.

[Ep 27] QingMu asks to call off the engagement between him and JingZhao. MuGuang agrees to call it off. But because of his poison, he faints while hugging HouChi.

Only a God’s power can save QingMu now. The only option is WuHuan. HouChi goes to beg WuHuan to save QingMu. While HouChi is trying to find a solution, QingMu comes. They both leave, and go to the North Sea, and has a cute little moment there.

HouChi goes to the Pilgrimage Hall (that was ShangGu’s palace), where MuGuang was, so that she could convince him to heal QingMu. But there is a barrier around the Hall, and if you aren’t powerful enough, you will be killed. She almost dies, but FengRan comes to save her. HouChi easily goes through the barrier, and remembers moments of ShangGu’s life.

FengRan also almost dies, but JingJian comes to save her (it’s just a loop of “you save me, I save you” etcetc). He also confesses that he likes FengRan.

JingZhao gave her immortal core to QingMu, to save him.

MuGuang has already started meditating, so HouChi needs to use her spiritual power to talk to him, but she has really low spiritual power, so she faints. The Pilgrimage Hall chose HouChi as it’s owner and she remembers a lot of ShangGu’s memories.

[Ep 28] QingMu doesn’t know that JingZhao was the one who saved him, not MuGuang. (nevermind, he knows)

FengRan tells JingJian that she understands that his confession yesterday was only to save her, and that she won’t bother him once they go back to QingChi palace.

HouChi wakes up to Qingmu, and QingMu feeds her some soup. He promises to compliment her 3 times a day, for the next twenty thousand years or so. HouChi punches him, and he pretends it hurts, but when she checks the wound, Qingmu pulls her into a hug.

QingMu gets a new spirit beast from DongHua: a cute little yellow dog!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_3491.jpg

JingZhao goes to find HouChi and tells her about who actually saved QingMu. She tells HouChi who actually saved QingMu, but QingMu comes and turns that statement down.

(I kind of blanked out in this episode)

[Ep 29] MuGuang plans on giving his own dragon core to save JingZhao. If he does this, there is a huge chance he will die. But WuHuan tells him that if he doesn’t want to be a bad guy, she can be the bad guy, and force QingMu to suffer the 49 lightning strikes to get the dragon core back at her birthday party.

QingMu and HouChi hold hands and walk into WuHuan’s birthday party. HouChi plans on giving JingZhao her dragon core, so that QingMu doesn’t die. However, she doesn’t have one. So in order to give JingZhao her dragon core, QingMu is willing to go through the 49 lightning strikes. HouChi is willing to go through the lightning with him. 

We see GuJun for the very first time since ShangGu was reincarnated! He’s under a really large weird tree meditating, and he wakes up. 

[Ep 30] HouChi and QingMu are both about to die from the lightning. After HouChi faints, QingMu puts up a barrier and bears the lightning strikes. QingMu’s spiritual veins are ruined, and HouChi passes almost all of her power to QingMu, hoping to save him. Somehow, QingMu wakes up. But QingMu needs to suffer 32 more lightning strikes, as he becomes a demigod. 

GuJun also appears as WuHuan was about to hurt HouChi. (OMG HE LOOKS SO REGAL AND POWERFUL)He tells everybody that WuHuan isn’t HouChi’s mother. QingMu asks for marriage with HouChi, but GuJun turns him down, no matter what.

TianQi/ZiYue makes a scene, showing everybody that yep he’s alive! He also threatens them.

MuGuang yells at WuHuan, because she didn’t tell him that HouChi wasn’t her daughter. She only married MuGuang because GuJun was away all the time, and she only agreed to pretend to be HouChi’s mother because she felt sorry for GuJun.

I think that GuJun already knows about ShangGu being HouChi, and QingMu being BaiJue.

QingMu comes up with the idea of cleaning GuJun’s weapons room in order to convince GuJun that he was sincere about the marriage. At first, GuJun was quite happy with the clean weapons, but after seeing QingMu, he storms off.

[Ep 31] GuJun is slowly warming up to QingMu, and eats the food that QingMu made. (he looks absolutely stuffed) However, he still doesn’t agree to the marriage

GuJun tells HouChi about how he found part of ShangGu’s spirit/soul, and nurtured it for years, until HouChi was born. That piece was too strong, so it had to be sealed. HouChi had her spirit vessels sealed because, before ShangGu died, she wished that in her next life, she wouldn’t be a god. So HouChi is a lowly immortal with suppressed powers. (Ouch, it hurts learning that you aren’t who you actually are)

HouChi now thinks that the one QingMu loves is ShangGu, not HouChi. When asked which spirit he would choose: ShangGu or QingMu, QingMu suddenly gets an onslaught of BaiJue’s memories, his eyes turn red, and he tells HouChi that she can’t hurt ShangGu. HouChi feels betrayed. QingMu is already suspecting that he is BaiJue.

[Ep 32] JingYang and the other dude from the Demon tribe start fighting, and fire rains down on the humans. HouChi creates a barrier to stop it.

WuHuan is using Devil energy to make her cultivation higher.

QingMu goes to get ZhiYang’s Twin Spear. But fire hits him, and QingMu’s eyes turn red, which means that his demon energy took control of him. He’s BaiJue again! He also sees BoXuan’s body in a coffin.

HouChi stops the Demon and Heavenly realm from fighting, but WuHuan is also there, and says that she colluded with the demons. TianQi is also there. But our QingMu is there, and saves the day with his TaiCang Spear and ZhiYang’s Twin Spear.

HouChi asks ZiYue to stop fighting with the Immortal Realm and break the seal on her spiritual vessels. QingMu also comes, but HouChi pushes him away.

As HouChi and QingMu were talking, QingMu saw BoXuan again.

GuJun accepts QingMu’s marriage request to HouChi.

[Ep 33] QingMu must give the Twin Spear to the Heaven Palace within 3 days or else QingChi palace will have trouble from the Heavenly Palace.

BoXuan is under the North Sea. HouChi, QingMu, and ZiYue all go there. There’s a secret door that was from when the True Gods are still alive, (that should be really difficult to break) but QingMu opens it with ease. There is a really strong barrier surrounding BoXuan, and QingMu breaks it with the TaiCang Spear. A golden orb floats from BoXuan to QingMu’s head, he’s starting to become BaiJue in a way.

However, the 3 headed dragon stole the Twin Spear from QingMu.

BoXuan is brought back to QingChi palace, but he is still asleep because of injuries. GuJun tells QingMu that when BoXuan wakes up, QingMu will disappear/turn into BaiJue. GuJun suspects that WuHuan killed YueMi, not TianQi. GuJun tries to convince MuGuang that WuHuan shouldn’t be trusted.

HouChi needs to 3 special things in order to save and wake up BoXuan, starting with a tower. She also puts a barrier on QingMu so that he won’t go for her.

[Ep 34] QingMu is able to break the barrier HouChi set on him.

The guardian saw that she saved a lot of people when there was fire raining down on them. The guardian lets her take the tower, because of her good will.

QingMu goes to the Heavenly Palace to find the last item. However, after he got the item, he was surrounded by soldiers from the palace.

FengRan realises that JingJian was the little boy she saved.

Soldiers also surround HouChi as she goes to find QingMu.

Both of them show up in front of MuGuang and WuHuan. HouChi comes and tells everybody what WuHuan did. WuHuan and HouChi start fighting, and WuHuan proves that she took the Twin Spear by using it as she was about to lose. MuGuang punished WuHuan by making her go to the Nether World for 100 years. However, the guardian of the tower colluded with JingYang, and said that HouChi stole the tower, even though he FREAKING GAVE IT TO HER WILLINGLY.

WuHuan told JingYang to make sure to let out the evil forces before HouChi is able to seal them in, in order to make HouChi’s punishment more severe.

[Ep 35] QingMu and HouChi are suppressing the evil forces that JingYang let out. The two of them are slowly losing against the evil forces. QingMu pretends to not be hurt at all so that HouChi isn’t worried.

HouChi goes to the Heavenly Palace and asks to punish herself. (I don’t really know what exact punishment it is, because there aren’t any subtitles, and my Chinese isn’t that good, but I know that it’s really really bad) But before she goes to get punished, QIngMu and HouChi are gonna get married.

HouChi starts healing BoXuan, and hopes that he quickly wakes up. But QingMu’s like: I hope you stay asleep for more than 100 years, no 1,000 years, no that’s not enough, 100,000 years. Yes, that’s a nice number.

FengRan and JingJian have a mini breakup, because JingJian’s family is really against it, mainly JingYang.

[Ep 36] Qingmu gives HouChi some talismans to help her if she’s in danger, and he also gives her the cute little doggo.

FengRan and JingJian drink wine and shop. FengRan also tells him that she loves her.

WuHuan is busy scheming in the Nether World.

GuJun is going to do something and he knows that BoXuan/BaiJue wouldn’t be really happy about it.

QingMu and HouChi have a wedding in the mortal realm. JingJian is giving QingMu some tests. The first one is giving money to the mortals. The second test is that QingMu needs to guess which one is actually HouChi. But he plays a trick and pretends that GuJun is coming. He now knows that HouChi is at the back. But ZiYue comes and wants to steal HouChi away. HouChi still chooses QingMu. They successfully have a marriage, and JingZhao comes, and tells JingJian about what JingYang did. (I’m glad that she doesn’t bother the two of them too much *yet)

JingJian, QingMu, HouChi, and JingZhao stop JingYang from killing the guardian. However, the guardian still dies.

[Ep 37] JingJian tells FengRan that she doesn’t deserve him… FengRan is disappointed as heck and heartbroken. They officially break up.

QingMu and HouChi drink their marriage wine/whatever it is on a boat in the middle nowhere. They have a sappy moment, along with blue fireflies and a really long kiss.

HouChi goes to the Hidden mountain to get rid of the evil forces, and she’s supposed to stay there for 100 years. The good thing is QingMu’s little paper man can go to the mountain with HouChi. ZiYue shows up and moves BaiJue’s Mount lookout into the Hidden Mountain, so that HouChi isn’t lonely.

JingJian comes to the QingChi Palace, but uses the excuse of seeing QingMu off, even though he actually wanted to see FengRan. Then he remembered that they broke up, and made up another lousy excuse and left. When FengRan heard that JingJian came to QingChi palace, she got super excited, but then remembered that they broke up, and told the others to never let him in the QingChi Palace again.

HouChi and ZIYue are living a really chaotic life by themselves, because ZiYue is the only other person who can get through the barrier. HouChi and QingMu send letters to each other via the paper man.

JingJian is now the heir of the Phoenix Clan! (now he doesn’t have an excuse to turn FengRan down)

Oh god, HouChi is pregnant with QingMu’s child.

FengRan gets a message from some dude in the Phoenix Clan, telling her that this mysterious person will tell her her birth status.

[Ep 38] JingJian and FengRan meet QingMu in the Phoenix Clan by accident. There is a really weird devilish energy there. BoXuan wakes up and helps QingMu fight off the energy. (they look and fight exactly the same) Turns out, QingMu’s spiritual base is with Demon Power. BoXuan merges with QingMu. 

Our BaiJue is back! After merging together, BaiJue looks so much more fierce and his clothes turn black. But BaiJue only got 40% of his power back, because it was too sudden, so he’s still hurt.

Turns out, BaiJue created QingMu with part of his own being.

HouChi also notices something is wrong.

JingJian and FengRan end up in a forbidden part in the Phoenix Clan and I think FengRan has something to do with FengYan, the Queen of the Phoenix Clan that faked her and her lover’s death (back when ShangGu and BaiJue were still alive)

JingZhao saved BaiJue. However, BaiJue doesn’t remember QingMu’s memories and because he slept for so long, he doesn’t remember a lot of other things, like how the God Realm was closed.

Since WuHuan did a lot of bad stuff disguised as FengRan, now FengRan is in big trouble. BaiJue is now the master of the Heavenly Palace. But FengRan is still put into prison and is tortured. But the good thing is, BaiJue only did it to not alert the enemy, he doesn’t actually think it is FengRan. 

MuGuang still doesn’t believe that WuHuan is practicing Devil energy. BaiJue also believes that ShangGu wouldn’t choose WuHuan if she was evil…. (oh boy, he is wrong)

Great, BaiJue believes JingZhao, and trusts her. BaiJue is also making a lot of enemies, because QingMu is gone. BaiJue also told MuGuang to let WuHuan out of the Nether World.

JingJian lets out FengRan, on GuJun’s command. FengRan needs to to to the Hidden Mountain, where HouChi is.

Remember when HouChi is pregnant? Well, there’s a problem. Actually, two. First of all, QingMu is already basically nonexistent. Second of all, the HouChi can’t feel the baby’s spiritual power. HouChi finds out that QingMu is BaiJue, and BaiJue is back.

[Ep 39] HouChi doesn’t think that BaiJue will forget about her, because she still thinks that he’s QingMu. But FengRan confirms it. HouChi wants to get out of the Hidden Mountain to let him personally tell her that he doesn’t remember her anymore.

HouChi meets BaiJue. BaiJue doesn’t say anything when HouChi asks about if he is QingMu. BaiJue told her that she looked like ShangGu, but wasn’t her. He is really really really cold to HouChi. BaiJue told her that QingMu died. HouChi pretty much despises BaiJue now. JingZhao is also there to see her at such a low point.

BaiJue favors JingZhao now… ew

WuHuan comes back to the Heavenly Palace and starts scheming again.

BaiJue flashbacks to memories of SHangGu, and gets kinda happy for a while, but then gets sad. Remember the swing that he gifted ShangGu? He got rid of that. He also flashbacks to when he put ShangGu’s spirit into the egg, which later hatched HouChi. So he knows that HouChi is ShangGu. 

[Ep 40] Turns out, BaiJue knew basically everything, but just pretended to not know everything. He also purposely let out WuHuan, because she attacked him. BaiJue also agrees to marry JingZhao. Turns out, it’s his plan to get HouChi to hate him.

HouChi meets ShangGu in a dream. JingJian plays chess with an imaginary nonexistent QingMu, so JingJian plays both himself and QingMu, while BaiJue watches him. GuJun plans toys/clothes for HouChi’s baby while looking pretty depressed. 

WuHuan suspects that FengRan is the Phoenix Queen’s daughter. BaiJue’s feather calls FengRan to go somewhere, to tell her her birth rank. But it turns out to be WuHuan tricking her. FengRan turns out to be the Phoenix Queen’s daughter. WuHuan plans on sucking FengRan’s power dry.

HouChi is still ignorant and doesn’t believe that QingMu died. Oh my, QingMu didn’t know that HouChi was pregnant. Ouch. At QingMu’s tomb, HouChi saw a “video” of QingMu telling her everything, about BoXuan, BaiJue, etc etc, and tells her that he loves her. It’s more of like a flashback that he recorded for HouChi if he dies.

JingJian comes to save FengRan.

[Ep 41] It’s BaiJue and JingZhao’s wedding. HouChi comes to disturb the wedding. She tries to tell BaiJue/QingMu that she’s pregnant, but he interrupts her. JingZhao uses her magic to slap HouChi, and oh snap, BaiJue is pissed, but he can’t show it because he’s marrying JingZhao and it’s part of his plan. WuHuan also slaps her. When getting slapped, HouChi’s hairpin fell (the one that QingMu gave her)

WuHuan starts hurting HouChi, and BaiJue is even more pissed. BaiJue tells her to stop, but she doesn’t stop, so GuJun has to come save the day. Oh boy, GuJun is even more pissed that BaiJue.

HouChi wants Baijue to divorce her in front of all the others. If he does it, then she won’t bother him. He does it, although he doesn’t really want to.

TianQi also comes to stop the marriage. He also exposes who actually killed YueMi. He and BaiJue start fighting. TianQi uses the ZiYue, which means that all the demons who cultivate off of it will die, which is most of the demons. BaiJue hints that if TianQi stops him, then something bad would happen to HouChi/ShangGu. But he doesn’t stop. HouChi goes to stop them, but WuHuan hurts her, and her spiritual veins are cut off. The two of them stop fighting, but only TianQi could go up to try to save her, BaiJue just stands by because he has a plan to save ShangGu or something like that, or because he had just divorced her and now if he cares about her again its kinda weird. 

During the Chaos Trial, when ShangGu died, GuJun was able to get a piece of her Original being, and he cultivated and nourished it for tens of thousands of years, and now he’s giving it back to ShangGu/HouChi. BaiJue didn’t know. GuJun sacrifices his life to bring ShangGu to life.

BaiJue and TianQi want HouChi to force ShangGu’s Original Being out of her body, because she’s too weak to stand all of the Chaos. With her last words, she says a lot of mean words to BaiJue, that he deserved.

Before she died, she used the ancestral sword to stab BaiJue, and told him to get out of her sight. He falls down, and JingZhao brings him away to heal (wow that was hella chaotic)

JingJian is going to send a false signal telling everyone that the border between the Immortal and Demon Realm was unsafe. Even though it wasn’t true. A bunch of soldiers fromt he Heavenly Palace goes to guard the border.

WuHuan wants to kill ShangGu/HouChi, but MuGuang finally stands his ground, and doesn’t let her. He also confronts her about YueMi’s death. She stalks away without saying anything. MuGuang kind of regrets marrying WuHuan now.

[Ep 42] TianQi brings HouChi back to his palace. If HouChi’s child is born, then she herself will die. But she is set on keeping the baby alive. As he tries to heal HouChi, he used up a lot of his power and his hair turns white.

Meanwhile, because of JingJian sending the false signal, the demons and immortals start fighting. But JingJian stops them. 

HouChi gave birth to a small baby. His name is YuanQi.

The Demon King died because of Ziyue taking back the , so now his son is quite pissed at TianQi. Now almost all of the strong demon lords are fighting ZiHan, because they want to take back the Ziyue. But ZiHan thinks that the Demon King’s death is fishy, however. It might be the creepy fox that we met a really  really really long time ago. 

The Heavenly Soldiers follow the demons into the Demon Palace, and they have a fancy flower that is really toxic to the demons. BaiJue wakes up from his coma. Right before Zihan would be overpowered, TianQi comes and saves them, but he was almost overpowered too. So BaiJue has to save them all. He also asks where HouChi is, but TianQi isn’t willing to show him, so he leaves after promising that he will protect her.

But ZiHan was way too poisoned, and he dies (awww thats sad, he was so loyal) 

JingYang finally gets punished!!! Yippee, he deserved it.

[Ep 43] BaiJue sneaky sneaky took away some of ShangGu’s memories, because she’s still sleeping, so that she wouldn’t know what happened during the Chaos Trial. 

MuGuang confronts WuHuan about all of the bad things she did. WuHuan also confirms that she slaughtered yuemi. MuGuang is now so mad that he is burning with his power. But WuHuan plays the pity card, saying that it was an accident, and MuGuang actually forgives her. WuHuan also tells him that she is slowly becoming a devil, but she hides the devilish energy, and MuGuang doesn’t know about it.

BaiJue found a way to put the Chaos Trial into the Abyssal Ridge Swamp, so that it could be delayed. He also found that demon energy could help him cultivate the Chaos Trial, so that he could sacrifice himself for the trial, instead of ShangGu. If there is both immortal and demon energy mixed together, it could create the Power of Chaos that ShangGu had. So he created QingMu to absorb all of the demonish energy.

YuanQi is growing up into a naughty, powerful boy. He also broke the Ancestral Sword into multiple parts and brought it to his dog. ShangGu wakes up. There is a sappy moment when she meets TianQi. ShangGu thinks that BaiJue just threw her behind, and had a little boy with another female immortal. She is heartbroken. 

YuanQI and ShangGu are up to a bunch of nuaghty stuff. But YuanQi also knows how to use the Power of Chaos, so he also needs to hide a lot of stuff. The two of them peek at BaiJue, but of course, he is bathing. YuanQi causes ShangGu to fall into the bath with *naked* BaiJue, and BaiJue grabs her. The two of them have a walk and chat.

ShangGu tells him that he changed a lot, and he responds with “I want to change the way I’m living my life, is there a problem with that?”

[Ep 44] ShangGu tells BaiJue that she’s glad that she left him 60,000 years ago. BaiJue’s heart is shattered.

BaiJue also sneaks into QingChi Palace to see ShangGu and YuanQi while they’re sleeping.

TianQi tells Shanggu what WuHuan did. ShangGu also confronts WuHuan about killing FengRan’s parents, FengYan and WuXi.

[Ep 45] ShangGu arrives at DongHua’s birthday celebration banquet, and she slaps WuHuan and insults JingZhao.

ShangGu goes to see BaiJue, and he pretends to be a playboy so that ShangGu would hate him. But ShangGu knows that TianQi and BaiJue are plotting something, because she followed TianQI as he was sneaking out of the QingChi Palace. As she meets more and more people, ShangGu’s suspicious of what she did before, and memory loss.

BaiJue grounded JIngZhao for being mean to ShangGu earlier :)))) But because of this, WuHuan wants to kill BaiJue.

BaiJue has a banquet with MuGuang and SenYu, the Demon King’s son. The two of them both think that it’s a trap laid by the other side (lol), and MuGuang is kind of freaked out because BaiJue is drinking wine and actually watching the dance. ShangGu makes a deal with the 3 headed dragon, and she disguises as the 3 Headed Dragon to go to BaiJue’s banquet, to eat food. As MuGuang and SenYu are arguing for the rights for their own people, demon and immortals, ShangGu tries to leave by using the “I need to pee” excuse, but then she’s dragged into the conversation, so she loses her disguise and now looks like herself, ShangGu. She’s so mad that the True Gods indulge themselves (talking to BaiJue, cough cough) and divine beasts get bribed.

ShangGu wants BaiJue to drink her wine, but it’s really suspicious, and it was poisoned! For heartless people, it would kill them. ShangGu tells him that she wants to stab him again. ShangGu tells him that at first, the person she most wanted to see was BaiJue, but now all her love for him is gone. BaiJue pretends to not care, but after she leaves, he starts crying.

Oh my, the 3 Headed Dragon received bribes from both sides… both from MuGuang and SenYu, at the same price. ShangGu: no wonder you wanted me to go for you at the banquet.

Shanggu meets JingZhao, and they strike up a deal. If ShangGu leaves BaiJue and does not come to his palace anymore, then JingZhao would tell her everything about QingMu and HouChi. 

ShangGu confronts Baijue about them being QingMu and HouChi, but he still pretends like he doesn’t care, and that the two of them shouldn’t care about the past, and that the love between QingMu and HouChi died between the two of them, there’s nothing between BaiJue and ShangGu. Shanggu is so disgusted that she tells him that the two of them won’t meet from now on, and she also returns the bracelet that BaiJue gave to her in the very earliest episodes.

Oof, turns out once, BaiJue disguised himself as FengRan, and accompanied YuanQi, his son, to the mortal world. OH SNAP, BaiJue was the one who taught YuanQi how to fly kites, play chinese dominoes, and eat lots of food. No wonder when asked about it, the actual FengRan absolutely denied it.

[Ep 46] ShangGu tells YuanQi that his father was the North Sea lord QingMu, and that his mother was HouChi, aka ShangGu, which means that ShangGu’s YuanQi’s mom.

WuHuan finally possesses all of the Devil Power, and once she passes a trial, then she becomes the Devil Lord. So basically, WuHuan is the new Xuanyi, and is the next Chaos Trial.

BaiJue knows that he’s gonna die soon. MuGuang knows that WuHuan was the one that possessed the Devil power.

You know how SenYu has a lover, but they are on really bad terms because of that fox. So SenYu and JIngJian meet, and after seeing how easily JingJian and FengRan interact as lovers, he pulls him aside and asks for girl advice. The girls also talk about boy advice.

MuGuang confronts WuHuan about killing so many people. WuHuan shows her devil power, and hurts JingYang and MuGuang.

YueMi somehow comes back, but then she stabs TianQi, and it turns out to be WuHuan disguised as YueMi. He dies (probably, his death is a little suspicious tho)

JIngZhao wants to drink some wine with BaiJue before she leaves, but she secretly wants to kill BaiJue. He immediately gets poisoned, and gets hit around by WuHuan.

Shanggu goes to BaiJue’s Palace to check what’s going on.

When True Gods die, the weather will change a lot., when TianQi was dying, it started raining really heavily, and when BaiJue was dying, the rain turned into snow.

[Ep 47] The minion uses the devil magic to fill SenYu with thoughts of self-hate and he wants to kill himself, but Chang Qin stops him before he could do anything bad.

ShangGu confronts WuHuan. She gives evidence that BaiJue died and ShangGu gets mad and attacks her. But turns out, BaiJue isn’t dead (yippee, such a plot twist!) and (OMGOMGOMG) TianQi is also alive! Turns out, both of them faked their deaths and now all three of them, ShangGu, BaiJue, and TianQi fight WuHuan. BaiJue also somehow splits himself into two forms: BaiJue and QingMu. (tbh, the fighting scene with the cool hand movements was pretty cool). The three of them reduce WuHuan to a powerless white-haired phoenix and after the fighting, QingMu disappears. WuHuan also hints to BaiJue’s plan to save ShangGu. 

JingJian also comes up with a way to save the demons and obviously, it involves sacrificing himself and leaving FengRan sobbing because her lover died. FengRan finds out that the child that she saved when she herself was a child, was JingJian. 

WuHuan is also shown what happened to JingJian and now she’s really desperate to save her son, but there’s no going back and he can’t be saved.

ShangGu also learns that YueMi died from WuHuan’s hands, instead of slumbering somewhere. The whole point of WuHuan’s revenge was because she was afraid of being replaced by the true divine beast, but in fact, ShangGu had no intentions of replacing her. WuHuan also points out all of ShangGu’s faults as well as hinting at ShangGu’s destiny. 

ShangGu dismisses everyone except BaiJue, and confronts him about everything he did to HouChi. He admits to hurting HouChi and everyone around her, and ShangGu decides to ban BaiJue from ever returning to the God Realm. BaiJue acts all cold, and when asked about her memories, he denies everything. ShangGu swears that in her entire life, she won’t love or hate BaiJue, and if they meet again, they would be strangers. Both BaiJue and ShangGu are sad/disappointed now, and BaiJue almost started crying. 

ShangGu then asks TianQi about her memories, but he also denies knowing anything about it. TianQi also doesn’t answer ShangGu’s questions about why BaiJue is acting this way. 

A bell starts ringing and MuGuang walks to the place where the immortals and demons have fighted for eons. The moment WuHuan hears the bell, she gets all frantic and asks where MuGuang is.

[Ep 48] WuHuan becomes a sobbing mess while MuGuang sends off a message. In the message, MuGuang tells everyone that he was the one who started many wars between the immortals and demons, not WuHuan. He says that this was something he should’ve done years ago and takes out his core and sacrifices himself so that the immortals and demons forever remain at peace. 

ShangGu punishes WuHuan by making it so that she couldn’t age or die, and she wasn’t anyone: not a god, immortal, devil, or demon. She’ll also suffer countless diseases but never be reincarnated. 

BaiJue had already put all his spiritual power into his TaiCang Spear, which he gave to TianQi. TianQi, in return, gave him a doggo, which somehow has Hongri’s spirit inside him. He also came up with an idea for BaiJue to get to know his son, YuanQi better. BaiJue explains everything to YuanQi, but the kid doesn’t believe him and he’s like “my mother says that you don’t deserve us”. TianQi then leaves, while BaiJue talks to his kid about death (umm… idk if this is the best father-son bonding experience) and then BaiJue takes YuanQi to the Mortal Realm. 

At the promise of food, YuanQi immediately perks up. BaiJue also says that he’ll take him to gamble and fly kites, and his kid is surprised that BaiJue knows exactly how he and FengRan play. BaiJue uses his power so that YuanQi always wins, and then YuanQi brings up the fact that he really wants a sword. BaiJue gives him the sword that he put half of all his power into, and YuanQi almost calls him “father”. Then, when BaiJue is about to leave, he asks if YuanQi could call him “father”, but YuanQi hesitates and doesn’t say anything. BaiJue also gives his kid a gift and tells him to open only when he leaves. YuanQi thinks that BaiJue is leaving him again and asks when he’s going to come back, and BaiJue knows that he won’t be alive enough to come back, so he just tells him that TianQi will explain everything to him.

When BaiJue is about to leave, YuanQi calls him “father” and tells him to bring many magical weapons for him when he comes back. BaiJue starts crying, but wipes his tears and tells YuanQi that he will.

FengRan’s officially the Heavenly Empress!

With the power of all the weapons, ShangGu and TianQi, and with YuanQi the sidekick, are able to open the God Realm. They all go to the Heaven and Earth Platform, to find many Gods already meditating there, and ZhiYang’s there as well! 

BaiJue’s plan to save ShangGu is to cultivate the Power of Chaos, something only ShangGu has, by mixing demonic and immortal power. He split his form into halves, one to harvest demonic power (QingMu), since he originally has immortal power.

[Ep 49 / Ending] BaiJue starts the Chaos Trial.

It starts snowing, and YuanQi runs up to ShangGu because the gift the BaiJue gave him, a bracelet, is cracked. When ShangGu sees the gift, she suddenly has a flashback, and realises that BaiJue planned on sacrificing himself instead of her. TianQi tells YuanQi to face the direction of BaiJue and kowtow to him. BaiJue regrets not being able to be a father figure to YuanQi and then he dies in a puff of smoke. ShangGu realizes everything BaiJue has done for her. 

ShangGu visits the place where BaiJue died, and starts crying. 

~ 3 years later ~

Zhiyang comes to find TianQi, because YuanQi is really really naughty. Ever since BaiJue, the God of Fire, left, it has always snowed in the God Realm. Since BaiJue died, ShangGu has stayed at the Heaven and Earth Platform, the place he died. ZhiYang tells ShangGu to let go. 

SenYu asks Chang Qin to stay with him at his palace, but Chang Qin declines, saying that he wanted to go to the Mortal Realm and see if she could make any more contributions. When asked if she would return or not, she gave a very broad answer “maybe, maybe not”.

WuHuan probably had a lot of trauma, because she relives her memories from when ShangGu first brought her to the palace.

Turns out, JingJian has a chance of survival! He managed to somehow transfer his spirit into another person’s body, which means that he’s not dead 😀 FengRan was ecstatic when she heard that.

TianQi and HongRi unearth the jars of wine that YueMi buried, and TianQi promises to never drink wine and never fall in love with anyone. 

ShangGu kneels down at the Heaven and Earth Platform and swears that she won’t get up unless the Ancestral God gives BaiJue back. She kneels there for 500 years. There’s suddenly a lot of magic at the platform and a new God of Fire is being made (not sure if it will be BaiJue or not). It is BaiJue!!! ShangGu runs up to hug him.

First Impressions + Thoughts

~~Spoilers included~~

{ Ep 1-9 } I feel like, although the CGI is really really good, the story has a lot of plot holes. I just can’t seem to understand why BaiJue fell in love with ShangGu… there isn’t a good reason, other than the fact that she is our female lead. However, I think that the story isn’t too draggy (yet), but we’ll see in the later episodes.

I also really like the way that BaiJue says “ShangGu”, for some random reason.

The fight scenes also look really, really cool.


Now, I’m officially invested in the story. Before, i find it meh, but now I’m fully invested in this drama! I actually cried when YueMi died, and I basically never cry. Although the acting isn’t the best, I still rewatched that part.

There is so much angst, in the first 15 episodes, it’s gonna get worse, isn’t it?

{ Ep 15 } They had to kill everybody, didn’t they? Like, there was no other way for the story to go on? (that was sarcasm, if you didn’t notice it)

{ Ep 16 } Great, the romance has to start all over again…

{ Ep 22 } I like how QingMu is a lot more lively than BaiJue, it makes it more fun to watch, but at this point, the romance is getting quite repetitive.

{ Ep 37 } To be honest, I’ve already given up on this drama. I just don’t take that much joy from the drama as I did before they all got reincarnated. But I am willing to stick to the end for the sake of the recaps 🙂


Rating: 2.5/5

I feel like, although the story idea isn’t the worst, the execution is a bit… lame. No crying scene made me want to cry, and happy scenes at most god me smiling a little, not ecstatic with joy.

I also think that it was a bit too long and could probably. beshortened a lot.

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