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All About: Immortal Samsara

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Chinese name: 沉香如屑

English Name: Immortal Samsara (used to be named Agarwood Like Crumbs)

Genre: Xianxia, Romance, Fantasy


Female Lead: Yang Zi
Male lead: Cheng Yi

Meng Ziyi as Zhi Xi
Ray Chang as Yu Mo
Yang Xizi as Lin Lang

Directors: Guo Hu, Ren Hai Tao

Screenwriter: Zhang Yuan Ang, Bai Yi Cong


Immortal Samsara Trailers

Immortal Samsara OST Video


Adapted from Su Mo’s novel “Agarwood is like crumbs”. Yan Dan (played by Yang Zi) was originally a relic of the ancients, four-leaf hanli, and her whole body has been a treasure of medicine since ancient times. Because she and her twin sister Zhixi were transformed into people at the feast of the Queen Mother a hundred years in advance, she met the biggest calamity in life – a love trial. She wanted to exchange half of her heart for the true feelings of Ying Yuanjun, the emperor of the heavens (played by Cheng Yi), but unexpectedly, took eight hundred years to forget him.

She met Yu Mo when she was in the mortal realm. Kulan Mountain has become a stable home for them together. In order to strengthen himself, Yu Mo often leads Yan Dan to “do one good deed every day”. When punishing the wicked, they encounter Tang Zhou, the demon hunter in this life. While helping Tang Zhou find four ancient artifacts, they discover one mysterious thing after another. After the fourth artifact is found, the emperor returns to his place. At this moment, Yan Dan finally found where she belongs.

Premiere Date

Premiered: July 20, 2022

Novel Translations

(I’m writing these myself <3 would appreciate it a lot if you checked it out!

Agarwood Like Crumbs novel translations:





  • happy ending :))
  • In the novel, Yu Mo is the male lead, but in the cdrama, Tang Zhou/ Ying Yuan is the ML

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