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My Favorite Chinese Songs

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I’m going to divide these into a couple of different categories, because there are quite a lot of chinese songs that I really enjoyed! Hopefully you’ll find some nice song recommendations! The categories are:

  1. OSTs from cdramas
  2. Songs I found from DouYin (chinese tiktok)
  3. Other

Current Favorite:

消愁- Mao Buyi


1.__凉凉 (Cold)

Singer: Aska Yang and Zhang BiChen

Cdrama: Eternal Love

2. 左手指月 (Upwards to the Moon)

Singer: Sa DingDing

Cdrama: Ashes of Love

3. 不染 (Unsullied)

Singer: Mao Buyi

Cdrama: Ashes of Love

4. 无羁 (WuJi)

Singer: Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo

Cdrama: The Untamed

5. 无名之辈 (The Nameless Generation)

Singer: Chen Xue Ran

Cdrama: Go Go Squid

6. 痴情冢 (Tomb of Infatuation)

Singer: Deng Lun

Show: The Yin Yang Master- Dream of Eternity

7. 大鱼

Singer: Zhou Shen

Show: Big Fish and Begonia

8. 年岁

Singer: Mao Buyi

Cdrama: Ancient Love Poetry

Douyin Songs

1. Grain in Ear (芒种)

2. 骁

3. 你的答案

4. 错位时空

The Youtube link, I can’t find the original song on Spotify.

5. 心如止水

6. 白月光与朱砂痣

7. 燕无歇 (Dreamless)

8. 飞鸟和蝉

9. 目及皆是你

10. 下山


1. 一荤一素

3. 消愁

English lyrics to this song above!

2. 卷珠簾

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